The Gym Challenge is divided into three levels and is rather simple. Remain alert and move slowly when navigating this gym. On the platforms, there are also gym trainers to be defeated in order to obtain experience and money.

First Area

  • The trainer here will use a Lvl. 38 Snom. Use a Fire / Rock-type move to easily defeat it.

Second Area

  • This area will have 2 enemy trainers. One will use a Lvl. 38 Cloyster. Use a Grass / Fighting / Electric-type move for effective damage.
  • The other enemy will use Beartic, who is a pure Ice-type pokemon. This should be simple to defeat with Fire-type moves.

Third Area

  • The third and last area will be against an Avalugg. You may use elemental moveset to defeat this high-defense pokemon. Try not to use Physical attacks, as this will do minimal damage to Avalugg.

After defeating all three trainers, it’s time for Melony!

Frosmoth Icy Wind, Feather Dance
Bug Buzz, Hail
Rock and Fire-type Moves
(4x Damage)
Darmanitan Icicle Crash, Headbutt
Taunt, Fire Fang
Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire-type Moves
Eiscue Amnesia, Freeze-Dry
Hail, Icy Wind
Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire-type Moves
Lapras Icy Wind, Ice Beam
Surf, Sing
Grass, Electric, Fighting, Rock-type Moves

Tips and Tricks

  • Frosmoth isn’t particularly quick, and its Fire-type vulnerabilities make it rather simple to defeat. Frosmoth has a vulnerability to Rock-type moves too. So choose a Rock-type move instead if you don’t have a Fire-type Pokemon or want to save your Fire-types for Melony’s remaining Pokemon.

  • Galarian Darmanitan‘s Defense and Special Defense aren’t as good as Frosmoth’s, but it is quicker. When Darmanitan’s HP is reduced to 50%, it enters Zen Mode. It will then have its Speed and Attack increased. To defeat it, choose a physical or special move that focuses on its vulnerable spot.

  • The Ice Face ability will not operate if Eiscue is hit by a Special Attack. To prevent wasting your turn, employ Special moves. Eiscue will become much quicker after it transforms into its Noice Face form. Eiscue’s Ice Face skill will reset at the conclusion of the round if it performs Hail while in its Noice Face form, so be wary!

  • G-Max Resonance is a G-max Move that Lapras can use. Melony will immediately Gigantamax Lapras, so Dynamax/Gigantamax and strike it with a powerful Fighting, Electric, or Grass-type move. Aurora Veil will be triggered if Lapras has the opportunity to employ G-Max Resonance.
    • Aurora Veil will minimize the damage inflicted to Lapras by physical and special attacks.
    • G-Max Resonance does not need hailing, as they do with the ordinary move Aurora Veil.

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