Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are among the latest in a long line of titles that have been released with two identical editions at launch. Aside from a few Pokémon that can only be obtained through one of the games, the plot and gameplay are nearly identical in both of the two versions but which pokemons are the strongest in both games?


Azelf Jirachi Mew
Dialga Manaphy Palkia
Garchomp Mesprit Uxie
Blissey Gyarados Mamoswine
Crobat Infernape Milotic
Electivire Magmortar Rhyperior
Empoleon Magnezone Snorlax
Alakazam Golduck Pinsir
Bronzong Heracross Rapidash
Drapion Hippowdown Roserade
Dusknoir Honchkrow Scizor
Espeon Houndoom Scyther
Flareon Jolteon Steelix
Gallade Leafeon Tentacruel
Gardevoir Lickilicky Torterra
Gengar Lucario Umbreon
Glaceon Luxray Vaporeon
Gliscor Machamp Weavile
Abomasnow Froslass Noctowl
Absol Gastrodon Octillery
Altaria Girafarig Piloswine
Ambipom Glalie Purugly
Bastiodon Golbat Raichu
Carnivine Golem Rampardos
Chansey Jynx Rhydon
Cherrim Lopunny Seaking
Chimecho Lumineon Skuntank
Clefable Magmar Spiritbomb
Drifblim Magneton Staraptor
Dusclops Mantine Toxicroak
Electabuzz Mismagius Vespiquen
Floatzel Mr Mime Whiscash


Arcanine Groudon Rayquaza
Arceus Heatran Regice
Articuno Ho Oh Regigas
Celebi Kyogre Regirock
Cresselia Latias Registeel
Darkrai Latios Salamence
Deoxys Lugia Shaymin Land
Dragonite Metagross Shaymin Sky
Entei Mewtwo Slaking
Giratina (Altered) Moltres Suicune
Giratina (Origin) Raikou Tyranitar
Aggron Feraligatr Swampert
Blastoise Kingdra Tangrowth
Blaziken Lapras Typhlosion
Charizard Porygon-Z Walrein
Exeggutor Sceptile
Aerodactyl Muk Probopass
Ampharos Nidoking Shuckle
Claydon Nidoqueen Stamie
Cloyster Ninetales Ursaring
Donphan Politoed Venusaur
Flygon Poliwrath Wailord
Meganium Porygon2 Yanmega
Arbok Hitmontop Seviper
Armaldo Huntail Sharpedo
Banette Hypno Shiftry
Bellossom Jumpluff Skarmory
Breloom Kabutops Slowbro
Cacturne Kangaskhan Slowking
Camerupt Kingler Solrock
Cradily Lanturn Stantler
Crawdaunt Ludicolo Swalot
Dewgong Lunatone Swellow
Dodrio Manectric Tauros
Electrode Masquerain Torkoal
Exploud Miltank Tropius
Forrestress Ninjask Venemoth
Gorebyss Omastar Victreebel
Granbull Phione Vileplume
Grumpig Pidgeot Weezing
Hariyama Primeape Xatu
Hitmonchan Relicanth Zangoose
Hitmonlee Sandslash

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