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TM23 or Iron Tail is a Steel-type offensive attack where the target is slammed with a steel-hard tail. This attack may cause the defensive stats of your opponent to be lowered and causes higher damage to your attacks. It is a very effective attack, especially against ground-type Pokemon. It can be acquired in an optional area late in the game.

Here’s How:

  • First, you will have to take the boat to Canalave City in order to make your way to Iron Island. Go south of the gym in that area, past two houses, and you’ll find a sailor waiting to transport you to Iron Island. Set sail and you’ll arrive at your destination in no time.
Image Courtesy of HeroVoltsy
  • When you arrive, proceed into the cave after climbing a few stairs. Take the right staircase down into the depths when you enter.
  • Continue up the path, down the steps, and down the route until you come across a green-capped trainer. Turn right after passing her. Now take the brown elevator down then turn right.
  • After that, use the downhill path and ascend the tight steps. Continue along the trail until you reach TM23 (Iron Tail), waiting to be picked up in a Pokeball to the right of the patrolling worker.

You’ll be glad you were able to get Iron Tail off Iron Island. This steel-type move has a high power of 100 but lacks inaccuracy. You should equip this move on a strong steel-type Pokémon.

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