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TM88 or pluck is a “flying-type” move that has a chance of plucking/grabbing a berry held by the opponent who is hit. In this guide, we will share where to find this TM.

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Where to find TM88 Pluck

  • This is a flying-type move that has the added benefit of snatching a berry from the opponent who is hit. The Pokémon who used the move then gains access to the fruit that was taken. Because practically all of the elite 4’s Pokémon use berries, this is an excellent technique to use against them. This TM can be found in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl at the following locations.
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  • After beating the gym leader in Oreburgh City, you’ll be able to enter Floaroma Town. Travel north on Route 204 to Floaroma Town. Because of the immense amount of flowers, you will know when you have arrived in town. You must first satisfy the requirement in Jubilife City and then travel to Oreburgh City in order to obtain this TM.
  • You’ll need to find the house with the lady standing next to a Clefairy once you’ve arrived in Floaroma Town. The town’s northbound road comes to a halt in front of this residence. Inside, speak with the lady with the Clefairy, and she will provide you with the TM.
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