The Pokémon Company and Tencent are rewarding early gamers with a special Pokémon as gratitude for believing in the Pokémon MOBA from the beginning. What’s the prize? Zeraora – a Mythical Pokémon!

Event Start

Zeraora is currently obtainable to any gamer, but the Mythical Pokémon is only free for a limited time: By 10:59AM (EST) on the 31st of August 2021, you must have downloaded Pokémon Unite and completed the steps below.

  • Go to the home screen of Pokémon Unite and access the sidebar menu. Tap the X toggle to bring up a menu with a variety of choices.
  • From character personalization to test battles, the sidebar menu acts as a key hub for many significant characteristics.
  • The “Mail” submenu can be found near the end of the page, just above the Settings page. This is the menu you would like to open because it will display the mails from the devs or special rewards.

  • You should instantly be on the System Message section after accessing the Mail submenu. The texts “Welcome to Aeos Island” and “Launch Bonus” should appear.
  • You should select the one that states “launch bonus.” The Zeraora Unite License launch reward can be redeemed by pressing the A button. You’ve done it!

While this is an interesting option, Zeraora can be incredibly strong in Pokémon Unite if utilized correctly. Zeraora’s Unite License is almost instantly obtainable to anybody who gets the game right now, so devoted gamers should take advantage of it as soon as they can!

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