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In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Combee can be a great ally. Bug-type Pokemon are not popular for their stats. However, there are some that make the exception, and one among them is Vespiquen. The one and the only way to acquire Vespiquen is to evolve a female Combee. Vespiquen has some impressive stats, so this makes it quite a good addition to your roster of Pokemon.

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Base Stat Combee Vespiquen
HP 30 70
ATK 30 80
DEF 42 102
SPL ATK 30 80
SPL DEF 42 102
SPEED 70 40
Total Base Stats 244 474

Catching Combee

Catching Combee is different from the usual wild encounters. In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, some Pokemon can only be caught by using the Honey Trees. These Trees are found around the Sinnoh region.

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Combee can be acquired either through the Honey Trees or the Grand Underground. However, players must ensure that they capture a female Combee, as male ones cannot evolve. This might take some time, but the reward is worth it. A female Combee will have a red, wedge-shaped forehead, whole the male Combees do not have this feature.

Honey Trees

  • Reach Floaroma Town and get the Works Key for Valley WIndworks. Proceed to Floaroma Meadow and defeat the two Team Galactic Grunts
  • After this, players will be able to buy Honey. Use it on golden trees around the Sinnoh region.
  • Combee will appear after 6 hours. Its chance of appearing is 22% on common Honey Trees and 32% on Rare Honey Trees.

Grand Underground

  • This method is much easier. However, it will be available only after players reach Eterna City. Here, you will have to acquire the Explorer Kit from the man next door to the Pokemon Center. This will unlock the Grand Underground.
  • In the Underground, the squares are called hideaways. Combee will be available in Grassland Cave and Sunlit Cavern hideaways. Here, players can see the Pokemon before encountering it in battle. Hence, it will be easier to know if you are going to face a male or female Combee.
  • After entering a room, if the Combee is not female, exit and re-enter the room again until the female spawns.
  • If players have just the Orenburgh Gym badge, the battle is sure to be difficult as Combee will spawn at level 16. Make sure to bring sufficient Pokeballs and a strong lineup.

Evolving Combee

Once Combee is caught, players will have to level it up to 21. In the Underground, Combee can be anywhere between levels 16-20. It might take just a single Rare Candy if the level is higher.

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