Poppy Playtime 2 Train Code

Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime begins with Poppy revealing that you’ll need train codes to go through the next section of the toy factory. She was then kidnapped by Mommy Long Legs before she could even give you a hint. In order to get train codes, you’ll have to play numerous games. For the train to operate, you must utilize all three clues of the train code that you’ve obtained. Poppy Playtime Chapter 2’s train code location and how to solve it will be discussed in the article below.

Where to Find the Train Codes

There are three distinct sections to locate the Train Codes. First, Mommy Long Legs will reward you with 2 out of 3 of the codes for finishing the Musical Memory and Wack-A-Wuggy activities with Mommy.

For the last piece, you will have to escape from Mommy Long Legs’ trap and route through the Toy Factory. After evading Mommy Long Legs, you discover Poppy, who holds the last train code in a control room.

Poppy Playtime 2 Third Train Code

Once you get the final code, exit the control room and up the staircase. Head over the train and enter. The code for the train must be entered exactly as it appears on the screen; three various sections of the code apply to the different layers.

How To Solve Poppy Playtime 2’s Train Code

  • The puzzle code consists of altering the color of the symbols you see and marking them in the right order. Using the train code clues, we can determine which symbols should appear where on the screen.
  • In the second set of clues, you’ll see what colors the symbols should be, which you may alter by clicking the colorful button underneath them. Lastly, in the third section, the numbers reveal to you the sequence in which you should click on each symbol. You may then power the train and choo choo your way out of the Toy Factory… or so you hope.

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