For those who do not know, Poppy Playtime is a horror puzzle adventure developed and published by MOB Games. It was released on the 12th of October, making it in time for the Halloween season. The game tasks you with surviving the vengeful toys waiting for you in the abandoned toy factory. Within the brief time since its release, it has received a lot of love from fans and has quickly become one of the most trending games of the month.

It has been called one of the scariest latest games by many fans and critics and came out to be quite the Halloween surprise. Since the game mostly revolves around puzzles and clues, VHS Tapes play a very important part. There are a total of 5 VHS tapes in Chapter 1 and each of them offers some clues. Before the release of Chapter 2, you might want to find all these tapes and as usual, we are here to help. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Green Tape

If you started playing Poppy Playtime, you might have come across the green tape. It is titled “Leith Pierre, Closing” and is kept on the front desk of the factory. The green VCR tape is quite easy to find as it is immediately to the right. Upon using it, you’ll hear how Leith Pierre warns trespassers by boasting about the factory’s security system.

Blue Tape

There are some tapes that help you gather some clues but some which are a requirement to progress. The blue tape is one of them and can be found in the Security Room on the desk left of the GrabPack compartment. Play the tape and watch the GrabPack Training video in order. This will then open the GrabPack compartment and help you progress in the game.

Pink Tape

Upon entering the Make-A-Friend room in Poppy Playtime, you will see a set of stairs to the right of the conveyor belt. These stairs lead to the catwalk above and you’ll find the pink VCR at the top. The pink tape is labeled “Stella Grayber Interview”; pick it up and play it. You will come across a part of Stella’s interview for Playtime Co.

Yellow Tape

You’ll find the yellow tape after following Huggy Wuggy down the Staff Only hallway. The Bay 2 door will be closed as of now, so climb the catwalk to enter the next room. Now drop down from the catwalk, and you’ll see a number of shelves to the left. The yellow VHS will be labeled “Security Camera, Rich & Avery,” and is on the second shelf from the Bay 2 door.

Grey Tape

You’ll find the grey tape on the catwalk just before the last turn to the Poppy door. Follow the catwalk to the right, and you will find the grey VCR at the end. It will be an untitled tape containing a log documenting tests on Experiment 1 0 0 6. Adding to the horror feel of the game, you will hear screaming and banging throughout the tape. The tape will then cut off suddenly leaving you to wonder what exactly happened to the staff right after it went out.

For that, you’ll have to wait for Chapter 2 which might come in early 2022. Till then enjoy the rest of this weird and creepy horror puzzle game.

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