Poppy Playtime 2 Musical Memory Puzzle Guide

After the unsettling conclusion of Poppy Playtime’s first chapter, A Tight Squeeze, it’s time to continue the tale and discover what’s really going on in this factory. Poppy Playtime 2 is here with a brand new terrifying monster: Mommy Long Legs! In this guide, we’ll discuss a full walkthrough on how to get Poppy Playtime 2’s first train code. Can you reach the train station on time?

Once you’ve finished the introduction, head into the chamber on your right.

Proceed to the end of the hall. The entrance to Ludwig’s office is shut, so you’ll need to turn right.

There is a sinkhole and a pipe to hook a hand on at the top of it. An important part of this method is that you must jump and then release your grip on your hand while you swing in the air. The goal is to reach the other side.

Ludwig’s Office

  • Turn right and remove the barrels from the entrance to enter. You’ll find yourself in a room with a key to Ludwig’s office on the wall.
  • There will be a golden sunflower and a letter on the table as you arrive. Collect them both. On the table, a tape can also be found. You may watch it by using the VHS player found in the room.

To proceed, you must pull the hand-marked barrier in the back corner of the table.

Your next challenge will be to figure out the warehouse puzzle after you’ve crossed the conduit and met your new buddy!

Link the posts by wrapping around the right one first, then going around the left post. After that, just hit the power source (the one with the red light).

Now return in the direction you came from and go back to the previous room.

  • Simply press the button using your hand again after hooking your other hand onto the top-most black-and-yellow-striped bar.
  • Once you’re out of Ludwig’s office, turn right at the crossroads and head toward the opposite side, your new friend will be guiding you.
  • You may now open the door by pressing the hand buttons. Use the ceiling bar as a bridge to cross a new gap and enter the room.
  • Jump into the hole after completing the brief sequence.

Power Room Puzzle

In this instance, things are slightly more difficult. You have to go on the left walkway and put your hand behind the blue pipe to the power source.

Poppy Playtime 2 Power Room Puzzle Guide. 1jpg

  • Now, walk over to the right side walkway without touching the left walkway’s post. Once you reach the right walkway, go around its post then come back to the left pillar and go around it as well.
  • Next, go back to the right walkway. All that’s left to do after this, is to connect to the other power source!

The game room’s door will now have been opened by this point in time.

There’s a collectible found here. It’s on the slide on your left side when you first arrive at the Game (Train) Station. The golden train may be found hidden inside the slide seen in the image below. Just go up the red rope ladder and it should be right in front of you.

Poppy Playtime 2 Golden Statue 2

  • Now, make your way over and press the red hand toggle. Once you’ve seen the narrative, use the lever to get to the game station. Head over to the left side and on top of the net ladder, you’ll get a collectible.
  • Go to the deck and press the lever with the red light. As soon as the recording is complete, the Musical Memory door will be unlocked.
  • Go down the stairs and enter the hole in the wall on your right. The molding chamber is located at the end of the hallway, through a hole in the floor leading there.

Molding Room Puzzle

Make sure you watch the green tape found on the left side of the room first! Now, let’s get down to business.

Fill a plastic chamber by pressing the far right button. When you push the next button, you’ll witness the pipe bend and the liquid spill out. Grab the broken part and fix it up.

Poppy Playtime 2 Molding Room Puzzle Guide

  • After pressing the next button, you will notice that the hands won’t have any paint applied. Go to the back of the machines to find a staircase. You will then find a cylinder beside the red-lit machine. The equipment on the right has a slot under the red light where you must insert it. There’s also a collectible on top of a machine!
  • Go back down and you may now use the other buttons on the cpanel below to acquire the green hand, which you can then charge with power from the green source and open the conveyor belt’s entrance. Go right once you’ve entered the duct to go to Musical Memory’s test room.

Musical Memory Puzzle

The challenge is the traditional memory puzzle. Colors will come on the screen and you have to click the icons in the same sequence. As the problem advances, additional buttons will emerge.

Poppy Playtime 2 Musical Memory Puzzle Guide

  • There will come a moment when a full row of buttons will appear over your head and the screen will depict the chain in an impossible order.
  • This is where you’ll need to hunt for a button that has an exclamation mark (!) in the middle. Press the toggle to complete the puzzle.

After receiving Poppy Playtime 2’s First Train Code, a new walkway will appear.

The bridge will move down once you walk through it. Just head over towards the red light and open the ventilation door. Keep walking forward until you reach the PlayCare room.

Poppy Playtime Ventilation

PlayCare Room

Make sure you get the collectible in this area. Head over to the left most lane when facing the “POWER” sign. You should see the statue sitting on top of a stack of boxes. CLICK HERE for a more specific guide on how!

Head over to the back of the room by following the yellow/green light. Pull the Power level found on the opposite side. After that, you may hit the red button right next to the huge dinosaur toy and jump on it quickly enough so that you can jump to the next room. Alternatively, you can also just grab the ball and use it as a platform.

Poppy Playtime PlayCare Ball

Once you’re on the trail, go to the left room and follow the red light.

Connect to the power source and go around the post right next to it. This will trigger the platform to go up. Once you’re up, next to the 2nd post, let go of the power supply. Next, connect to the power supply again. This time, going around the upper post first, then the 1st one.

Poppy Playtime PlayCare Power Puzzle 1

At this point, the barrier behind the 2nd upper post is now deactivated. You may now use the red power button to go up to the next area. Keep going straight until you find a staircase and head up. You will now find yourself back at the Game Station.

Now you’re ready for the Second Train Code!

For Poppy Playtime 2’s Third Train Code, CLICK HERE!

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