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After some server issues, MOB Games has successfully welcomed players in PROJECT: Playtime. The game is a spin-off of Poppy Playtime, the hit video game series from the same developers, wherein players explore a closed-down toy factory. You’ve come to the right place for players wanting to know the difference in the gameplays of PROJECT: Playtime and Poppy Playtime. Stay with us, and we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about both games!

PROJECT: Playtime vs Poppy Playtime

Before we get into it, we’d like to go ahead and say that we won’t be talking about whether PROJECT: Playtime is better than Poppy Playtime. They may be based on the same lore, but each game caters to a different type of gamer. If you’ve already played Poppy Playtime, you may assume it is better than PROJECT: Playtime since it gives a richer experience in terms of story. This idea is invalid as the characters you control have a different goal to achieve compared to what the ex-employee of Playtime Co. Toy Factory is trying to unveil as they strive to outrun and outlast the killer toys residing in the factory.

Here are the differences in the gameplays of PROJECT: Playtime vs Poppy Playtime.

Number of players

One of the most apparent differences in gameplay between both games is the number of players. In Poppy Playtime, only one player can control the character, as it is meant to be a single-player experience. As for PROJECT: Playtime, there are seven players in total for each match.

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  • Players control the character of an ex-employee at Playtime Co. Toy Factory in Poppy Playtime. They venture deep into the Toy Factory, searching for answers as to what exactly happened there. The only thing keeping the player safe from the killer toys lurking in the shadows is their handy dandy GrabPack.
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  • PROJECT: Playtime is an online multiplayer game that can host up to seven players per match. Six of the seven players take on the role of the Survivors or the Extraction Team. The seventh player takes on the role of the Monster. Players can choose from three Toys in PROJECT: Playtime if they get the Monster role: Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, or Boxy Boo.


Another difference in the gameplays of PROJECT: Playtime and Poppy Playtime is the player’s goal. Yes, they are based on lore already introduced in Poppy Playtime. However, your goal in the original game is to investigate just what is going on at the Playtime Co. Toy Factory. In PROJECT: Playtime, your goal differs depending on the role you get at the start of every match.

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  • In Poppy Playtime, your goals in the first two chapters were to find whoever sent you that mysterious letter. As you go deeper and deeper into the depths of the Toy Factory, you realize that something sinister is at hand. Killer toys are out to get revenge for something that happened in the factory. As the third chapter is on the way, the main reason why the factory shut down in the first place is slowly being revealed to players. So aside from surviving, your other goal may be to make amends and undo what’s already done.
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  • PROJECT: Playtime is an online multiplayer game that consists of matches. In each match, the player’s objective depends on what role they receive. If you are a Survivor, you must solve puzzles and collect giant toy parts scattered in the factory. It would be best if you did all these while trying not to get caught by the killer toy on the loose. As for players who take on the Monster role, they only have one goal: kill the Survivors.


GrabPack 1
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Both games feature the iconic GrabPack, but these serve a more practical purpose in PROJECT: Playtime. With the GrabPack, the Survivors in the online multiplayer game from MOB Games can perform all sorts of tasks. These tasks include carrying large objects such as toy parts, grabbing something from a distance, and even escaping getting caught by the Monsters hot on their tracks.

GrabPack 2
Image Courtesy of MOB Games via Steam

PROJECT: Playtime is an excellent game for fans of the video game series. You can play with friends or queue online to get into a match. On the other hand, Poppy Playtime is perfect for players wanting to game alone and looking for something that isn’t as fast-paced or time-pressuring as the online multiplayer title.

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What do you think about PROJECT: Playtime and Poppy Playtime? Would you be spending the holidays playing with friends? Or are you brave enough to venture deep into the Toy Factory on your own? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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