The trailer for PROJECT: PLAYTIME recently dropped, meaning we are closer to a release. According to the game’s page, it will release on December 2022. The game will be free-to-play and multiplayer, a drastic change from the other Poppy Playtime games. It is a spin-off, and PROJECT: PLAYTIME seems to be taking inspiration from games such as Dead by Daylight.


Similar to the Poppy Playtime games, the earliest release will be on the PC through the Steam platform. The game’s page is already up now, containing the trailer, screenshots, and a few details about it. We’ll have to watch the steam page during December to see when the game will be available for download.


There are also no strict system requirements, meaning that it will not be taxing on your computers. As long as you have a Windows 10 OS, you’ll be able to play the game.

Android and iOS

There are no details yet about a mobile release though it is highly likely, seeing how the other Poppy Playtime games had the same route. The mobile game usually releases a few weeks after the steam version, so we can expect it to arrive in early 2023.

However, there might be some delays, and there is a small chance it doesn’t get released on mobile. It’s because of the challenges of a multiplayer game, as cross-platform can be hard to implement. A mobile release will likely have its servers running apart from Steam. Given that most of the player base of Poppy Playtime is on mobile, ignoring Android and iOS releases seems unlikely.

What To Expect with PROJECT: PLAYTIME

PROJECT: Playtime will have seven players in a game. Six of them will work together to assemble a giant toy, while the seventh player will hunt everyone. The seventh player will control a monster from the Poppy Playtime franchise, namely:

  1. Huggy Wuggy
  2. Mommy Long Legs
  3. Boxy Boo

The game is in early access so expect a lot of updates and changes. Each monster will have a unique playstyle and abilities. Players can also earn an in-game currency they can use for upgrades. There are upgrades for players and also an upgrade for the monster, so they have more tools to fight. For now, there will be two large maps available during early access, which are:

  1. Theatre
  2. Toy Factory

Since it is a free-to-play game, expect some cosmetics to appear in the store. These will be available for those who pay using real cash to purchase them. They will have a seasonal toy box, another name for a battle pass with 100 levels worth of cosmetics. There will also be a rotating shop that updates with new skins periodically.

PROJECT: PLAYTIME is one of MOB’s most ambitious projects yet. There are a lot of possibilities, especially since it’s an early-access game. They can get feedback from fans and adjust the game to be something everyone can enjoy.

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