PS5 customers have been teased with an internal SSD. However, it did not mean much until the recent firmware update, Beta 3.0. The expansion port was opened up to the users.

It soon became obvious that the in-built 825 GB SSD was just not enough to cope with the release of new games. This was especially the case for players who enjoy massive titles such as COD: Black Ops Cold War. Fret not, players, for there is a way to add a little bit of extra space on your consoles.

The following items will be required to do this:
  • A Philips #1 screwdriver/any small size screwdriver
  • Compatible M.2 NVMe SSD, not more than 22 mm width
  • Players will have to have the latest firmware update completed on their PS 5.

The Seagate FireCuda 530 Heatsink Model ZP1000GM30023 has been tested and works. Although, Sony is yet to release a list of compatible drivers. Other options can include NVMe drivers that can reach at least 5500 MB/s read speed. To do this, the drive will need to be a PCIe Gen 4.


As with the FireCuda 530, any driver that is to be used will need an attached heatsink. This will help in dissipating the heat and will keep the drive performing at an optimal level. If the driver does not have a heatsink, third-party heatsinks such as the EKWB EK-M.2 or the be quiet! MC1 can be used. They fit the 22mm size and the height requirements.

Once you have all the things needed, make sure that to be safe, touch a grounded metal available to disperse static electricity before touching the console.

  • The first thing to do is to remove the vertical stand from the PS 5 and then remove all the cords attached.
  • Lay the console on a flat surface, and locate the side panel which does not have the PS5 logo on it. This side will be covering the disc drive.
  • Lay the PS5 down so that the rear ports are facing you and the disc drive pointed away from you.
Image Courtesy of WCCFTech
  • Using only a small amount of force, grasp the bottom right corner of the panel that is sticking out and lift the panel off slightly to detach the retaining hooks.
  • Next, push the plate left towards the disc drive. Now the plate should be able to come off easily. You will be able to see the side fan and the M.2 slot.
Remove Screws
  • Using the screwdriver, remove the screw that holds the SSD cover in place.
  • Then, remove the black screw and the SSD spacer plug, and then move the plug down to the 80 mm hole.
  • Once again, make sure to discharge any static electricity, and then take the M.2 drive you have with you and plug it in the socket, and then gently set it down on the spacer plug.
  • Proceed to screw the M.2 drive and then close the SSD panel and secure it into place with the black screw.
Image Courtesy of WCCFTech
  • After this, you can set the PS side plate back, so that the holes line up with the posts on the side plate.
  • Then, gently push the plate into position using minimal force with your palm. When this is done, set the vertical stand back in and reattach all the cords. You can now switch on the console as usual.
Image Courtesy of WCCFTech
Update Firmware
  • Once you have updated to the latest firmware, a message will be displayed stating that the M.2 drive needs to be formatted, with an option to not format.
  • If this was the first time you have used the drive out of the box, format the drive which will take just a minute or two.
  • Following this, the console will run a speed test to ensure that the drive meets at least the recommended 5500 MB/s speed.

One optional step is to choose whether games should be installed in the Console Storage or the M.2 storage. This can be changed in System Settings under the Storage tab, by clicking on the Installation Location option. PS4 games can be automatically installed in any extended storage, but this will have to be done manually for PS5 games.

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