The vast majority of professional Apex Legends players and movement players rely on specific movement strategies to eliminate other players in the lobby. One of them is a technique known as the Apex Legends holster slide.

The freedom of movement in Apex Legends is one of the features that give players the impression that they are the game’s main protagonist. The versatility of the movement options contributed significantly to the overall success of the battle royale. Its gameplay is very different from that of other BR games in several essential ways.

What is the Faide slide?

Most people do not make sufficient use of this sliding technique when engaging in gun battles. It wasn’t until Faide began using the tech in his videos that everyone called it “the Faide slide.” Apex community calls it quick slide, and technically, it’s holster sliding.


  • The ability to slide is an important mechanic that allows you to move around the map faster.
  • Compared to sprinting, sliding results in a marginally greater increase in momentum. Because of this, you may notice a lot of players sliding around while playing the game.

When it comes to slide jumping in Apex, having a fundamental understanding of this fact is essential for beginners. People often think the aim is significantly more important than the movement. That is only partially true. Movement allows for better repositioning. In Apex, movement plays just as important a role as aim while you grow your game sense.

How different is a holster slide in Apex compared to a normal slide jump?

In a normal slide jump, i.e., holding onto a weapon and jump sliding, you have to sprint three steps forward until you can apply it. For instance, if you slide jump in less than three steps, you may find yourself dead-sliding.

Apex Legends Faide Slide

In Apex terms, that’s when your momentum gets obstructed by your input. The only way you avoid that from ever happening is by keeping to its core principle of jump sliding when you reach your third step while sprinting. The great thing about quick sliding is that you can implement it on any input, and it only requires a few practices.

Now, on to the practical application of quick slide in Apex.

The idea is that you can jump slide on your very first step, but only if you holster your weapon. You can move around faster whenever you holster your weapon.

You might be asking why I’m stating a well-known fact like this. The answer is that this movement makes a huge difference when you’re in a gunfight compared to other movement techniques.

Oftentimes, it’s overlooked. The small momentum you get from moving forward can help you get a pick on your enemy. Most beginners do not realize how important each second is in this game.

Additionally, you can pair this movement tech with a wall-bounce and tap strafe to give you an additional speed boost in your redirection.

Gunfight application

Holster jump slide tech is possibly the most effective gunfight movement you’ll need. Whatever input you might be on, as long as you get into the rhythm of holstering and unholstering while slide jumping, you can perform this.

Apex Legends Faide Slide 2

Imagine that you and your adversary are hiding behind something small, waiting for the other to appear first. Let’s say you both engage in gunfire and are damaged. You have two choices:

  • Try to close the distance and engage in close combat, which could leave you vulnerable to attack as your enemy could easily pick you off while you approach.
  • Heal yourself up, which could be equally risky given that your enemy could take advantage of your vulnerability.

In this case, you can throw him off guard using the holster jump slide to close the gap quickly. It improves your odds of coming out on top in battle. This is the most practical implication of this sliding technique. Quite often only used in gunfights.

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