Rainbow Six Siege: Lab Test Server, How To Play

The Rainbow Six Siege Lab Test Server is a unique test server. While it allows you to test out balancing adjustments and updates, like as new Operators before they go live in the main game, this server provides you with more. It is being used by Ubisoft to promote and playtest new, experimental game modes that have been developed for fans and require feedback.

Own the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege

  • The Test Server is only accessible through PC. If you already possess the game, you’ll have to purchase a new copy. Another way is to try to get access through Ubisoft’s PC subscription service.

Download the Lab Test Server

  • Rainbow Six Siege is an option under the Ubisoft Connect launcher where you can play the game. However, within Ubisoft Connect, you can choose the Lab Test Server from the game’s dropdown menu. Because this is a distinct version of the game, downloading it in addition to the base game will take up a lot of space on your hard disk.

Playing on the Lab Test Server

  • To play on the server, go to Rainbow Six Siege and use the dropdown menu to select the Test Server. When you press the play button, you’ll be taken to the Test Server rather than the main game, giving you access to everything that’s accessible at the time.
  • For example, during Year 6 Season 4, a team deathmatch mode dubbed Warm-Up Playlist was trialed, which had been requested by fans for quite some time. When new content for Rainbow Six Siege goes online on the Test Lab Server, keep an eye on the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account.

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