Rammus Build LoL Wild Rift Top Guide

With the support of our template, you can use Rammus with conviction! Let’s take your Wild Rift performance to the next tier! Whether you’re new to Rammus or aiming to fine-tune your playstyle. Learn everything there is to know about Rammus’ skills, including the top things to build, which abilities to scale first, and more!

Item Build

Rammus is renowned as a top teamfight unit that can turn a brawl around in an instant. To survive when diving, you should focus on armor and magic resistance. As well as increase the armor and magic resistance you have from your W skill.

Core Items

  • Starting Item: Cloth Armor
  • Mercury’s Treads (Glorious)
  • Thornmail
  • Dead Man’s Plate
  • Sunfire Aegis

Final Items

  • Abyssal Mask, Randuin’s Omen


    • Aftershock
    • Weakness
    • Conditioning
    • Pathfinder

Summoner Spells

    • Flash
    • Smite

Skill Path

Rammus Best Counters

Jarvan IV Shyvana Vi

Rammus Best Teammates

Ashe Ahri Twisted Fate

Most Vulnerable Against Jungle Rammus

Evelynn Graves Master Yi

Late Game Rammus

  • In the late game, Rammus is a large tank who excels in team combats! Rammus needs to be with his team on all occasions because he has a lot of skills that can help them. Your primary goal as a jungler is to stay aware of when Dragons, Rift Heralds, and Barons appear.

  • Taking down these legendary beasts will grant your squad competitive leverage. Rammus excels as a frontliner of a team fight, shielding his teammates. He’s a tank with a lot of CC and, as previously stated, a fantastic Ultimate (Soaring Slam) and taunts that can turn a team fight around!
  • In general, if you’re hoping for a significant tank jungler, Rammus is an enjoyable and quick champ with simple skills. He may not have the greatest carry capacity, but his tankiness and CC abilities can be extremely beneficial to the squad!

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