To get rid of a bounty in the game Red Dead Redemption 2 can prove to be slightly tricky. While there might be various ways to go about it, none of it is apparent. This can prove quite frustrating because you don’t want to get shot at. Then again, you also don’t want to give away hard-earned money to the law representatives. The good news is that you can avoid both of the situations. And this quick guide will help to navigate through the same.

You can see the current level of Arthur’s bounty on the world map – the fine displays where the cursor is. This can be done by pressing the down button on the game pad’s cross. The fine (Bounty) is computed separately for each state or region on the world map.

The implications of having a bounty placed on your head are numerous, ranging from merely unpleasant to horrifying. The apparent problem is that law enforcement will try to arrest you, which will result in a slew of unwelcome clashes.

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The more your reward, the stronger they will get. At some point, a region may even be placed under lockdown, preventing you from utilizing the stores there. There is also a financial cost — while you have a bounty, you will be unable to sell items at their most fantastic pricing. When you’re clean, gold bars sell for $500, but when you’re wanted, they’re just $300.

Methods of Losing the Bounty

There are two primary methods for removing the Bounty set for capturing the main character.

  • Paying the fine is the first step towards getting rid of the bounty. You may do this by going to any post office. They can be found in railroad stations. You must speak with the person at the window and select to pay the fine. It is best to decide to spend the bounty as soon as possible.
  • The second method is even less noticeable. This method simply surrenders to the law officers and serves a prison sentence. However, the catch here is not to have any serious crimes committed, and it is viable only in the initial law enforcement intervention phase. This roughly means the time before they come and attack Arthur.

When you encounter a law officer, you must immediately hide all your weapons. Then hold down the camera centering button (i.e., L2 / left trigger) on the target – a police officer – and then hit the surrender button (i.e., Triangle / Y). Soon after, Arthur will serve a short prison time. But once you are out of prison, the bounty will get erased. In this process, you might lose some money you owned before the detention period. Thus, it is an excellent idea to go shopping and spend some money before you surrender.

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