Remnant 2: Forgotten Field Dial Puzzle | How to Solve

Remnant 2: Forgotten Field Dial Puzzle | How to Solve

Remnant 2 contains many hidden puzzles and cryptic riddles for players to solve. One such complex puzzle is located in the sprawling abandoned city known as Forgotten Field. Solving this puzzle requires deciphering clues and inputting the right combination into a locked dial mechanism. The payoff for unlocking it is very worthwhile. This guide will explain how to find and solve the Forgotten Field dial puzzle in Remnant 2. So without any further due let us dive right into it.

How to Solve Forgotten Field Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2

Forgotten Field is an area that can be explored within the region of Yaesha in Remnant 2. It was previously home to the advanced Pan civilization before being overtaken by the otherworldly Root enemies that now occupy Yaesha. Forgotten Field contains the ruins of what was once a thriving city built by the Pan but is now overgrown and decayed after the invasion. It is one of several dangerous but reward-rich areas that you can travel to and uncover secrets and items within throughout your journey in Remnant 2. Like all locations in the game, Forgotten Field presents opportunities to battle enemies, take on dungeons and bosses, and progress through the story.

Locating the Forgotten Field Dial Puzzle

locating and solving the hidden dial puzzle in Forgotten Field of Remnant 2
locating the hidden dial puzzle in Forgotten Field of Remnant 2 (Image by Remnant 2)

The dial puzzle itself is cleverly hidden behind an illusory wall in the Forgotten Field ruins. To find it, look for the wall near a large temple structure resembling a ziggurat. In between two staircases ascending to the temple is an elevator. Walk through the false wall close to the elevator to access the room containing the puzzle dial.

Deciphering the Symbols

To reveal the symbols required for the solution, stand on the elevator’s activation button, then quickly roll away as it starts its ascent. This will display glowing symbols on the underside of the rising elevator. Be sure to carefully note the order in which the symbols appear.

Cracking the Combination

With the order of symbols in mind, go to the puzzle dial. Rotate the rings to enter each symbol in the precise sequence shown on the elevator. Place the first symbol on the outer ring, and the last symbol on the inner ring. If the initial order does not work, systematically reverse the sequence until you crack the code.

Obtaining the Blooming Heart

Solving the puzzle successfully grants the extremely useful Blooming Heart artifact as a reward. When activated, this unique item instantly heals 35% of health over 5 seconds. It also spawns 3 Healing Orbs that each regenerate 35% of health over 5 seconds, and last for 20 seconds. The Blooming Heart can turn the tide of difficult battles.

With patience, observation, and logic, you can solve the secrets of Forgotten Field’s dial puzzle. The powerful reward obtained makes solving this riddle highly worthwhile. If you have any further questions on how to solve and find the Forgotten Field Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2, comment below. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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