Resident Evil Village: How To Have Unlimited Bullets

Fans of Resident Evil Village have discovered a way to get unlimited bullets in the game. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

This is especially useful in games like Resident Evil, where the gameplay is split between fleeing from horrific creatures looking to slaughter you and directing ammunition at their heads to destroy them. There is nothing quite like running out of bullets in the middle of a battle and trying to contend with some of Village’s most vicious monsters.

Unlimited Bullets

  • Gamers must have finished the story at least once to obtain unlimited bullets. It doesn’t matter how hard it is as long as they get to the finish and come out alive.
  • Their gun must also be completely upgraded and customized using all obtainable custom parts.

  • You will receive Challenge Points (CP) for each task you accomplish. CP is a type of endgame monetary unit. It’s usable in the Extra Content menu, which shows up after you have completed the game. Numerous advantages and abilities can be acquired with CP and activated for future runs in the Extra Content Menu.
  • Infinite Ammo is one of many bonuses, as you may have probably noticed. Although, it isn’t as basic as buying the skill and having it for the rest of your life. Every gun will have its own Unlimited Bullets bonus, so gamers may need to finish several more runs to get all of them!
  • The overall price of activating Infinite Ammo for all weapons in RE Village is 865,000 CP.

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