Part 2 of Genshin Impact’s Wishful Drops episode is the “Rhodeia’s Rage” task. You can confront Rhodeia to earn a vast percentage of character experience after completing 100% exploration in the first region of “Endora’s Education”.

Pre-fight Prep

Consider including one of the protagonists below who gets a buff throughout this task before triggering the battle. If you’re able to use any of these characters, they’ll be excellent choices.

Hydro RES + 30% and Elemental Recharge + 30%:

Diona Ganyu Hu Tao
Keqing Noelle Xinyan
Recommended Party: Diona, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Xinyan

Concerning the aforementioned, having at least one archer who can be your primary DPS is strongly recommended. Ganyu is the strongest to use.

Battling Raging Rhodeia, as with all other bosses in Genshin Impact, charges 40 original resin to claim the prizes from the battle.

Gamers can also claim the prizes from the fight using the “Heart of the Spring” bonus earned through daily Wishful Drops investigations.

Raging Rhodeia Moveset

  • Rush

    • This skill causes it to dash towards you, then strike and dash again.
    • TIP: Get out of the way of the dash attack as swiftly as possible, but don’t forget to do the follow-up dash.
  • Hydro Pump

    • Regularly blasts a flow of water at you for a long time.
    • TIP: This attack has the potential to cause considerable harm, but it can be quickly evaded if the player keeps moving.
  • Tail Slam

    • Rhodeia will thump its tail, causing 3 water pools to form, which will erupt after a brief duration.
    • TIP: When Rhodeia slams its tail, get out of the way fast because the water pools deal a great deal of harm.
  • Whirpool Trap

    • This is one of the most difficult skills to avoid. When Rhodeia is cast, numerous big whirlpools will appear around the player, dealing significant damage.
    • TIP: Pick a place on the platform that is not in the way of the pools when this skill is cast.
  • Special Move: Giant Water Bomb

    • During the maneuver, Rhodeia will fly through the air before dropping a massive hydro grenade on the platform.

    • Because this move’s AOE is so massive, the sole manner to evade it is to use the different water geysers that are formed all across the battle.
    • TIP: When you stand on the geyser, it will push you upward, putting them out of range of some of Rhodeia’s more dangerous assaults for a short time.

More Tips and Tricks

  • Choose wisely!

    • The Rhodeia and its cohorts are Hydro-resistant, just like regular Oceanids. Mona, for example, becomes inefficient as a result of this. Similarly, relying solely on Childe’s regular DPS is a waste of time.
    • For gamers who are in dreadful need of healing, using Barbara for that purpose is feasible. Taking the time to munch food isn’t as simple as it usually is because the player can’t stop for a moment during this fight.
    • However, because there will be reduced elemental responses, the party’s DPS features will be limited. Barbara will also be unable to cause any harm on her own.
  • Elemental

    • Elemental Resonances can be overlooked by certain gamers. Containing two Pyro units in one’s group increases the party’s damage by 25%, which is significant in a fight against a tough challenge like the Rhodeia.
  • Long-ranged Fight

    • Having the capacity to target the Rhodeia from afar, whether with a powerful Elemental Skill or simply with a bow, is critical to making this fight go efficiently. Without this, you would have to risk getting too near to the Rhodeia, which isn’t always feasible.

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