ROG Phone 6 Batman edition – All details + Where to buy?

The special edition of the Rog Phone 6 comes with some cool features that build upon the already powerful base. While it doesn’t change the hardware from the vanilla version, it comes with many software additions. The new phone design also comes with Batman-themed accessories to complete the set.

The ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition at a Glance

The first thing you’ll notice differently about the Batman Edition is its Aero case. It has a stylized matte-black finish with patterns that subtly form the Bat logo. It matches well with its RGB Batman logo when connected to the phone.

Aside from that, the phone comes with a Batman ejector pin for the sim card and memory. The top end looks like a Batarang which is a nice touch. You’ll also get a collectible mini bat signal which you can use to flash the bat symbol at any point in the day. It’s something cool to display at your home or work desk.

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When you buy the ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition, you’ll get everything in a case that looks like it would be an armaments package for Batman. It’s shock resistant and durable enough to protect the contents within. That’s only the hardware aspect of it.

ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition Software

You’ll get a themed startup animation after you power up the Batman Edition phone. It also has a live wallpaper that showcases the phone’s power and Batman theme. The sound effects also come customized, and even has a charging animation showing the titular hero. Other things that come Batman-themed are:

  • Income call animation
  • Fingerprint logo
  • Always-on panel
  • Performance

When it comes to gaming phones, the ROG brand doesn’t disappoint. You can expect everything you would from a vanilla ROG Phone 6, with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and 12GB RAM. A beautiful 165Hz OLED display provides quality pictures and energy efficiency.

Where to Buy

Several locations will stock the ROG Phone 6 Batman edition. When you have an ASUS store near you, you may want to go there and get one. In the other case where you only have online options, here are some of the most reliable websites:

The ASUS Store

The ASUS store will surely stock this limited-edition phone since the ROG line is under ASUS. You can order some now while there are still units available online. Getting here can be a good option because you guarantee that it comes directly from the manufacturer.

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All gadgets appear online on Amazon at some point. It’s because ASUS has a store there, while other gadget websites also have set up shop. Only a few units are available here, so get them while you can.

Final Thoughts

The ASUS ROG 6 Batman Edition has a price of $1899.99 though the price can vary depending on supply and demand. It’s a globally unlocked phone, meaning it can work for most GSM carriers.

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