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  1. Hi I got a download code from on of my streaming friends and I have downloaded it and linked my epic games account and when I open the game it says logging in for ages then says something about information submitted invalid please verify user name and password and won’t let me on the game I’ve got no idea

    1. Any luck? It ain’t working for me neither. I got the code the same way. Any Let me know please if you were able to resolve it.

  2. I just PAID 15 bucks for the game and once completed download tried to open and it is stuck on the title screen

  3. Anyone had the 1,000,018,808 code? ive tried everything, even reinstalling and this pos still says cant connect to server

  4. I don’t know if it’s just me but the game use to work just fine but Everytime I try to join a match it loads for a while and just brings me back to the main lobby I try to select the rejoin match but nothing happens I literally can’t play anything including tutorials how do I fix that

  5. After installing the game and then installing the anti cheat software when I hit finish my pc shuts off. When I start it back up it gives me an option to repair the anti cheat software which I selected and then when I selected finish again the game began to load but then mid way through the loading screen my pc just shut down again

    1) I disabled my anti virus. just fully uninstalled that shit
    2) I disabled the overlays on Discord. In the settings you’ll see it on the top.
    3) I reset my computer and when it came back up I opened up the game and it FINALLY WORKED!!

  7. i downloaded the game and when i open the game it make my pc restart by him self and the game dosent work

  8. I play on PC and my Epic Games usernames shows above character in lobby but when I join a game my name changes to my PSN name connected to my acccount. I also own the game on Xbox and when I get on there it shows my PSN name on XBOX… what is going on?

  9. There has been connection issues with this game since wensday I’ve tried the suggestions that you guys posted or is it something more????

  10. the game was pretty good and i enjoyed it very well until there came up with an issue of logging in. Currently when i open this game, it shows logging in for a long time and then i cant login as it shows invalid email and password.

  11. I can’t get into games when I find a game it just does this losing thing and send me back to the main menus I’ve done everything even deleted and redone loaded the game idk what to do I just wanna play game

  12. My game will say loading player data for about 5 minuets finally load up but once in it can’t do anything

    I can’t see my profile can’t see my rouges can’t play can’t inv friends can’t do anything
    Any know a fix

  13. I have a problem with my account when me and my team are loading into a game, it dashboards me and when I reoopen it, it tries to force rejoin match but I have not been able rejoin that match successfully one time. Ill usually be able to play one game and then I have that problem. I’ve been getting away with switching accounts between games but now it’s happening to my second acct the first match in and is really annoying. I love the game but hate how im the only one this happens to.

  14. Hello, I have been playing rogue company for a long time on my pc. All of a sudden my game will not load up at all on epic games or steam. It gives me the same error code every time I try to play and it has been over a week now. The error code I get is “10011” I have occasionally got error codes 25 and 29 but over all it has been 10011. If you could help me in anyway that would be amazing. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jordan! Can you try the steps below for error 10011?

      Right-click on your taskbar and click task manager.
      Go to the Services tab and find EasyAntiCheat.
      Right-click EasyAntiCheat and select Open Services.
      Find EasyAntiCheat then right-click.
      Select Start.

      This will give you an alert message saying the program started and then stopped.
      Many players fixed the error with this method. Let us know if this helped!

  15. So every time I’m done with a match, even if I don’t use the A3 Salvo it still comes up. I don’t know how to fix this, even if it leveled up it won’t fix it.

  16. From Singapore: Usually I try Rogue Company on different computers with fresh installation of Windows 10, the it will never be able to log in, so I download Valorant and play it, Valorant will automatically config my settings so I can log into Rogue Company after that, works on all desktop and laptops. 2021 Dec

  17. THIS IS THE FIX GUYS !!! At least it worked for me not like anything else.

    I re-installed my OS because of new pc parts and then tried to play Rogue Company, but failed to send login request 3102 error kept popping up, everytime I launched the game. Nothing helped but I did what Light adviced, and it actually worked for me too. I have no idea why but I installed Valorant which I never played before went through the tutorial. Then started rogue company and I logged in without any issue. Idk why tho. Thanks Light.

  18. Hello! I need your help. After the last game update I can not log into the game. Constantly writes supposedly anticheat is not running. Maybe you can tell me what the problem may be?

  19. rogue company not able to login :
    Authentication failed 1,002

    i tried to link it to steam still the same give access from windows defender private and public
    restarted the router and the pc, but still not working.

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