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Rogue Company: How To Fix Login Issues - Complete Guide

Rogue Company is Hi-Rez Studios’ newest multiplayer team shooter. The game is really fun to play and it has great potential. Players, however, are facing several login issues right now. Here’s how to fix login issues, in our complete Rogue Company Login guide.

How To Login To Rogue Company When Server is Under Maintenance

Sometimes, when you try to log in, the game shows that servers are under maintenance. That is, however, not the case, most of the times. It’s sometimes just a bug that can be easily fixed. Here’s to fix it –

First, go to Rogue Company’s Twitter page and check if there’s server maintenance going on. If not, here’s how to fix the issue –


  • Close Rogue Company
  • Close Epic Games Launcher
  • Try to shut down all application operations related to Rogue Company and Epic Games Store from the Task Manager
  • Disconnect your internet
  • Reconnect
  • Start Epic Games Launcher
  • Start Rogue Company
  • The game should work fine now

If it still doesn’t work, just restart your PC and internet (router) once and you’ll be set.


  • Close Rogue Company
  • Disconnect your internet completely
  • Reconfigure and connect to the internet
  • Start the game and it should work fine

If the problem still persists, restart your PS4 and the game should work fine.

Xbox One

  • Close Rogue Company
  • Disconnect your internet completely
  • Reconfigure and connect to the internet
  • Start the game and it should work fine

If the problem still persists, restart your Xbox One and the game should work fine.

Nintendo Switch

  • Close Rogue Company
  • Disconnect your internet and reconnect
  • Start the game and it should work fine

If there’s still a problem, restart your Nintendo Switch once and the game should work fine.

Force Log Out

After a match, the game can force log out. There’s nothing to worry about. Just try to re-login and the game should get you back in. If not, close the game once, disconnect and reconnect to the internet, start the game, and it should be working fine.

Other Issues

For any other issues, comment down below and we’ll try to help you. Currently, those are the two major issues we’ve found during our playthrough of the game.

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  1. Hi I got a download code from on of my streaming friends and I have downloaded it and linked my epic games account and when I open the game it says logging in for ages then says something about information submitted invalid please verify user name and password and won’t let me on the game I’ve got no idea

  2. Anyone had the 1,000,018,808 code? ive tried everything, even reinstalling and this pos still says cant connect to server

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but the game use to work just fine but Everytime I try to join a match it loads for a while and just brings me back to the main lobby I try to select the rejoin match but nothing happens I literally can’t play anything including tutorials how do I fix that

  4. After installing the game and then installing the anti cheat software when I hit finish my pc shuts off. When I start it back up it gives me an option to repair the anti cheat software which I selected and then when I selected finish again the game began to load but then mid way through the loading screen my pc just shut down again

    1) I disabled my anti virus. just fully uninstalled that shit
    2) I disabled the overlays on Discord. In the settings you’ll see it on the top.
    3) I reset my computer and when it came back up I opened up the game and it FINALLY WORKED!!

  6. I play on PC and my Epic Games usernames shows above character in lobby but when I join a game my name changes to my PSN name connected to my acccount. I also own the game on Xbox and when I get on there it shows my PSN name on XBOX… what is going on?

  7. There has been connection issues with this game since wensday I’ve tried the suggestions that you guys posted or is it something more????

  8. the game was pretty good and i enjoyed it very well until there came up with an issue of logging in. Currently when i open this game, it shows logging in for a long time and then i cant login as it shows invalid email and password.

  9. I can’t get into games when I find a game it just does this losing thing and send me back to the main menus I’ve done everything even deleted and redone loaded the game idk what to do I just wanna play game

  10. My game will say loading player data for about 5 minuets finally load up but once in it can’t do anything

    I can’t see my profile can’t see my rouges can’t play can’t inv friends can’t do anything
    Any know a fix

  11. I have a problem with my account when me and my team are loading into a game, it dashboards me and when I reoopen it, it tries to force rejoin match but I have not been able rejoin that match successfully one time. Ill usually be able to play one game and then I have that problem. I’ve been getting away with switching accounts between games but now it’s happening to my second acct the first match in and is really annoying. I love the game but hate how im the only one this happens to.


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