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Rust is currently among the most prevalent online multiplayer games. Several gamers, however, are intrigued if they are only up against opponents on the same platform. So let’s talk about Rust’s crossplay features.

PC, PlayStation, Xbox Crossplay

  • Rust does support cross-platform gaming, however, it is limited to consoles.
  • Sadly, cross-play is not possible for PC players. Meaning, you will only play against others who also play the game on PCs.

RUST Beginner Tips

With new gamers entering for the first time, knowing a few key aspects of survival in Rust will be beneficial. This article will go over important pointers that can assist new players to get started on their adventure!

Early Weapons + PVP

  • It’s best not to assume another survivor who yells that they’re just passing by. Nearly every single gamer in the game is prepared to kill anybody.

  • It is critical to be ready for a brawl. Players should find a rock ASAP and begin cutting down trees in order to create a spear. They must then go on a scavenge for animals and hemp to make a bow.
  • Stone can be excavated from the map’s large grey rocks, which gamers should have to make arrows. Harvesting the resource is quicker with a stone pickaxe.
Spear Wood (300x)
Bow Wood (200x), Cloth (50x)
Stone Pickaxe Wood (200x), Stone (100x)
Stone Hatchet Wood (200x), Stone (100x)

Food, Water, and Shelter

  • There is plenty to eat. Plants can be harvested near rivers, looted near monuments, and animals can be hunted for food. Water from bodies of water can be consumed immediately by survivors. With food and water on hand, the only thing they’ll need for survival is a place to stay!

  • The best places to establish a shelter are near the Outpost or the Bandit camp – both are safe zones on the map.
1×1 Basic Base
Construction Plan Wooden Hammer Wooden Door Keylock
Wood (500x) Stone (1,500x)

Safe Zones

  • Safe zones can be found at any monument with a green shop symbol. Once inside these areas, survivors will be unable to assault one another, allowing people to relax a little.


  • The size of each monument in Rust differs. Smaller monuments generally have a limited amount of valuables. Due to the lack of radioactivity, these areas are ideal for looting early in the game.
  • Monuments that are larger have better goodies and more facilities. Players, on the other hand, will require protective gear in order to avoid dangerous radiation. When visiting these areas, always keep the hazards in mind.

  • In addition to crafting and repairing items, gamers can use the monument workbenches. Oil refineries, which are used to convert oil into usable fuel, can also be found at monuments. Lastly, near the monuments, there are Research Benches where players can turn their scrap into templates.


  • Survivors can make a Burlap set with 11 radiation resistance for only 65 cloths. Cloth can be acquired by using a Hatchet to butcher killed animals. It’s also a byproduct of the Hemp plant, which can be found all over the forest.
  • The simple Burlap set gives adequate radiation resistance. Hazmat Suits offer 50 protection and are a good early-game armor alternative.


  • Rust has a total of 5 species of animals. Edibles and other resources can be obtained by hunting them down. However, a select few can be just as dangerous to gamers as they can be to them!
  • Wolves, boars, and bears are all dangerous creatures who will target anyone who comes too close to them. Evading and running from this wildlife is usually the best choice early-game.
  • Deer and chickens are timid animals. When looking for food, newcomers should focus on them.

Time Zone

  • In Rust, days are 45 minutes long and nights are 15 minutes long. Even after changing the brightness configurations, it is challenging to see once the map has become dark. Make sure you’re ready for whatever lurks within the darkness.


  • Tempered Biomes
    • You can find wild plants and other goodies here.
  • Desert Biomes
    • The easiest area to survive while collecting resources.
  • Snow Biomes
    • It will be bitterly cold, and survivors will require clothing to survive.

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