Saw X Uncensored Version in the Philippines | Where to Watch

Saw X Uncensored Version in the Philippines | Where to Watch

If there’s one thing Filipino moviegoers want to see, it’s the Saw X uncensored version in the Philippines. After over two years, Jigsaw is back to send chills down everyone’s spine in Saw X. The iconic horror film has already hit the big screen, once again making the viewers uncontrollably hold their breaths with the brutal traps in the movie. But where can you watch its uncut version?

Saw X Uncensored Version in the Philippines

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has given Saw X an R-18 rating with cuts when it releases on September 27. MTRCB supervises and regulates the movie and TV industry in the Philippines.

R-18 is like the Motion Picture Association’s (MPA) NC-17 rating. As it describes, the 10th installment to the Saw franchise “contains graphic but non-gratuitous depiction of violence and gore.” Hence, the organization doesn’t consider it suitable for those under 18.

Saw X Uncensored Version in the Philippines | Where to Watch
Saw X (Image via r/saw/Reddit)

As Saw X runs for one hour and 58 minutes, MTRCB has blurred out about two minutes’ worth of scenes in the movie. So, is there no chance that fans can see the Saw X uncensored version in the Philippines?

Sadly, no movie theaters seem to cater to the Saw X uncensored version. In fact, despite MTRCB’s R-18 rating, the film was already R-16 with a five-minute cut in mall theaters. But thankfully, according to Redditor Severe-Preparation66, some malls still screen the R-18 version, like Robinson’s Cinemas.

Where to Watch Saw X?

Saw X is now showing in all the theaters in the Philippines, while it’ll be out on September 29 in the U.S. So far, there are no words yet on when it will be streamed, but if it happens, it may take a little while. Why?

The franchise comes from Lionsgate; unfortunately, the studio doesn’t have its own streaming service. All of its movies are usually released on Starz and then Peacock. Though most major studios today aim to release their films on streamers after 45 to 90 days of theatrical release, Lionsgate is willing to wait much longer. The studio waits about six months before its movies hit the streaming services after they hit the theaters.

There’s a possibility that Saw X may stream in March 2024. Most Saw movies are streaming on Prime Video, so its 10th movie may also stream there.

Will Saw X be Digitally Released?

Aside from a streaming release, Saw X will also be digitally released. Fans could watch this movie in the comforts of their own homes sooner than expected. Lionsgate may make the film available to buy or rent on all major PVOD services starting as early as November 2023—in time for Halloween.

If this happens, the studio follows the same schedule as John Wick: Chapter 4, which saw its digital release two months after it hit the theaters. However, Saw X’s digital release will only begin after it has done all its theater businesses, allowing viewers to catch it early rather than wait to stream.

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