Sea of Thieves: How to unlock Monkey Island | Complete Guide

Sea of Thieves: How to unlock Monkey Island | Complete Guide

The popular pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves recently added a highly anticipated crossover with the legendary Monkey Island franchise. This guide will explain how to unlock the popular Monkey Island crossover in Sea of Thieves. So without any further due, let us dive right into it!

Unlocking the Monkey Island Crossover in Sea of Thieves

Reaching the Monkey Island Crossover in Sea of Thieves is no easy task, and it needs to be done in four parts. Here is what you need to do:

1st Part

  • Launch the “A Pirate’s Life” Tall Tale campaign from the main menu or any outpost to start your journey to Monkey Island. Select the first Tall Tale, “A Pirate’s Life,” to begin.
  • Follow the Tall Tale until you reach the glowing green pirate town. 
  • When you arrive in town, head left and find the Cursed Captain in a hanging cage. Light the nearby brazier to open the town gate.

  • Climb the left ship and cross the mast to reach a pulley system. Use it to see the locked Captain’s Quarters.
  • Find another nearby pulley system and use it to raise some cargo. Jump on the cargo, then leap to the shipwreck across from it.
  • Go right and use the upper-level pulley to align a platform within jumping distance. If positioned correctly, you’ll see a second platform to the right.
  • Jump from the left platform to the right platform. Next to it is a small path leading to a cave.
  • Enter the cave to discover Captain Bones’ Special Recipe. Take the recipe and leave it on the ship.
  • Climb the ship mast above the Cursed Captain’s cage. Use your sword to drop the cage.
  • Retrieve the recipe and drop it back down. Leave the recipe by the cage and search inside for the Cursed Captain’s skull.

2nd Part

  • Head towards the green-glowing red-sailed ship. Follow the gold trail on the ground to a burial site with a lit lantern.
  • Dig up the grave to uncover Poor Dougie’s body. Light the lantern and listen to what he has to say.
  • Poor Dougie has a key on his chest, but before he gives you the key, he will ask you to find a treasure.

  • Return to the Cursed Captain’s cage and look left. Follow the wooden path to the back of a ship.
  • Inside is a skeleton on a pirate bed. Use the left pulley to move the curtains. Exit right and climb the stairs.
  • Light the 3 outer lanterns, then return inside. Move the skeleton’s arm to reveal a treasure map in the magnifying glass.
  • Go to the tavern fork. The right leads to another tavern, left to a shipwreck. Dig in the middle to unearth the treasure.
  • Bring the treasure back to Poor Dougie to receive the key for the medallion chest and get the medallion.

3rd Part

  • Take Poor Dougie’s Medallion back to the Cursed Captain and place it beside them. Grab Captain Bones’ recipe too.
  • Return to the tavern fork and go left this time. You’ll find two pirates playing chess.
  • Use your lantern to light the table candle and watch what unfolds.
  • As they play, the right skeleton will realize their tankard is empty. Use the Captain Bones recipe to fill it.

  • After drinking, the skeletons argue heatedly. The left one shoots the right one’s head off and wins.
  • Put the Cursed Captain’s skull on the chess table.
  • Drop the medallion on the table and place the Cursed Captain’s skull on the right skeleton.
  • The Cursed Captain will win the match, earning the Ship’s Key to unlock the Captain’s Quarters.

Final Part

  • Enter the Captain’s Quarters using the Ship’s Key. Adjust the sail and take the Cursed Captain’s skull to the lighthouse.
  • Light the lighthouse brazier and 3 cliff braziers to summon the Ferry of the Damned. Redirect the lighthouse light.
  • Cross the stone bridge as the music shifts to Monkey Island themes. Ahead lies The Headless Monkey wreckage.
  • Read Kate Capsize’s journals inside to learn her fate after her pursuit of Guybrush Threepwood into the Sea of Thieves.
  • Following these steps will lead you to discover the hidden Monkey Island crossover content!

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked the Monkey Island crossover in Sea of Thieves. If you have any further questions about how to unlock the popular Monkey Island crossover in Sea of Thieves or anything else related to this guide, comment down below. We would love to hear from you and help you out.

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