Can’t wait to get your own PlayStation 5? Are you looking to jump the queue and finally getting your hands on it? Here is how you can get it!

Even after eight months into the release of both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, acquiring the consoles is extremely hard. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more manufacturing difficulties posed our way to get our hands on the consoles and the wait time only seems to get longer.

Additionally, with the first anniversary of this newest generation looming large, there is still no indication that consoles will be available at regular intervals at the stores. Companies, however, have paved the way for fans to get their hands on the newest generation of gaming.

Sony has come up with a system that operates through PlayStation Direct; this enables the fans to acquire the consoles from the source, directly.

Even with a scarce supply of consoles, PlayStation Direct is the best and the most dependable way to acquire PlayStation 5. So, with the ever-growing demand and the limited supply of consoles, gamers and fans should make sure that they sign up for PlayStation Direct to get PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Direct Queue

PlayStation Direct Sign Up

  • In order to sign up, gamers must have a PlayStation Network account. Having a PSN account is a crucial step to acquiring a PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation Direct as it prevents scalpers, especially those who employ bots to get the consoles as soon as their availability shoots up.
  • The hardest part about PlayStation Direct is the long wait time, but so far this system has worked seamlessly. Hence, whenever a restock approaches, PSN users will receive an email invite that allows them to queue up in a private line.
  • The date and time for this queue will be clearly mentioned in the invite and when the golden time comes after waiting in the queue, gamers can put the PlayStation 5 in their carts, if there is any left.

If you’re creating a new account make sure to tick mark the first box that says “Yes, I’d like to receive news, special offers, and other information about PlayStation and Sony Group of Companies’ products and services. I understand I can unsubscribe at any time.”

PS Direct Invite

We know that getting hands-on PlayStation can be a bit tricky and even annoying, but PlayStation Direct will ease this process, and all we got to do is keep our calm and wish for the magic email invite!

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