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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How To Resurrect More Than Once

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the new title from now-legendary Japanese developers FromSoftware and publisher Activision, resurrection is an essential part of survival. After you die, you will have the opportunity to revive yourself once. If you die right afterwards, you’re dead for good and lose half of your experience and half of your money, the currency known as sen. But what if you want to bring yourself back to life more than once?

Sekiro is the devilishly difficult new title from FromSoftware and Activision

There are two pink emblems you’ll notice above your health bar in Sekiro. One refills every time you rest at a statue. The other refills as you kill enemies. Unfortunately, every time you rest at a statue, normal enemies respawn with full health– although bosses don’t. After you resurrect once during combat, the second emblem is crossed out. But if you perform a deathblow on a boss, that cross will disappear and you can use your second resurrection. You can also unlock the second resurrection by fighting several smaller enemies.

The two pink emblems offer the possibility to resurrect twice

Be careful, though. If you resurrect twice, you’ll have to go back and fight more enemies in the world to refill the second emblem before you can use it again. Even worse, this meter takes more enemies to refill as the dragonrot disease spreads through the world. Until you refill it, you can only resurrect once. As the dragonrot progresses, it will take a lot of enemies to fill the second emblem.

If the second emblem is crossed out after you resurrect, fight more enemies or perform a deathblow on a boss to unlock your second resurrection

To recap: if you are fighting a boss and both pink emblems are full, you can resurrect once during the first stage of the boss fight, perform a deathblow on the boss, and that deathblow will allow you to resurrect again during the second stage of the boss fight. But there is another way to gain an additional resurrection later on in the game.

Warning: Major spoilers below

After you defeat Lady Butterfly, you’ll acquire the Sakura Droplet. This item can provide you with an additional resurrection, but you can’t use it on your own. Emma and the sculptor can’t help you with it either. Instead, you’ll have to fight your way through all of Ashina Castle and kill Genchiro Ashina. When you help Lord Kuro, you’ll have the option to give him the Sakura Droplet. Congratulations! Now you have two revives which replenish at statues, and the option of a third revive if you kill enough enemies using the method described above.

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