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Begin the subquest “The Demon of the Spring” to meet Anahita in battle. Clear the subquest “The Curse of the Mermaids” before starting this one. By beating Hydra, you can get entry to the other side of Tokyo Tower and proceed to Onarimon. Head to the peak where you may observe Huang Long close to the Onarimon Leyline Crossing. Drop down to the zone that is not accessible. You will get to Anahita’s lair, fight her.


  • Fire
  • Electricity


  • Hellish Spurt +4: Medium Ice attack to all foes. (Unique).
  • Rakunda +1: Lowers Defense of 1 foe by 1 rank for 3 turns.
  • Bufu +4: Weak Ice attack to 1 foe.
  • Mahama +2: Weak Light attack to all foes. Chance of instakill when striking weakness.
  • Matarunda +1: Lowers Attack of all foes by 1 rank for 3 turns.


Choose allies who can counter Ice and Light abilities.

  • If at all necessary, have party members with innate Reflect/Absorb/Void/Resist Ice and Light talents.
  • If you can’t, make it a point to protect their weaknesses during combat.

Attach Nahobino with affinities that nullify Ice and Light.

  • Nahobino can implant skill potential from essences via the Divine Amalgamation Miracle.
  • Add affinities to Nahobino that can Reflect/Absorb/Void/Resist Ice and Light.

Demons with Fire and Elec skills should be added.

  • Add demons who can use Fire and Electricity talents to your active party in a similar way.
  • Use Essence Fusion to extract certain skills from demon essences if they don’t have access to them.

Max your Magatsuhi Gauge

  • Additionally, make sure your Magatsuhi gauge is fully charged.
  • It helps to have it maxed out before a match to set up your offense.
  • In addition, having the Miracle skill Magatsuhi Wellspring will grant HP and MP recovery to your party at the start of each turn.

Carry HP and MP recovery items

  • Bring HP and MP recovery items before fighting the boss in case your party runs out of HP or MP during the battle.
Assign Nahobino’s physical, fire, and electrical skills.
  • Make sure to import Fire and Electricity skills if you can in order to exploit the weakness of the boss. Otherwise, you can rely on your ally demons to have those skills for you.
  • To add, complement your offense with strong Physical skills like Aramasa.
  • Support and Passive skills can boost your damage if still have skill slots.
  • Recovery skills are optional if your active party members do not have these skills. This is to sustain the party during battle.


Heal allies
Use Physical skills against Anahita
Use Fire and Elec skills against Anahita
Pass action to support demons
  • Utilize the Press Turn System to pass your turn to demon friends that can use debuff
Land debuffs
  • While debuffing the boss, save some MP for later.
  • All debuffs reduce attack power (Tarunda), defense power (Rakunda), and hit/evasion power (Rakunda) (Sukunda).
  • Nahobino and any other demons in your party can use these debuffs.
  • Make the arrival of Sukunda a top priority. Rakunda and Tarunda come next.
Cast buffs
  • Buffs can also be cast on your party members.
  • Buffs can be in the form of increased attack power (Tarukaja), increased defense power (Rakukaja), or increased hit/evasion power (Sukukaja).
  • Nahobino and any other demons in your party can use these bonuses.
Activate Magatsuhi skill
  • To increase your damage even more, use a Magatsuhi skill like Omagatoki: Critical.
  • Make sure you use it after the debuffs and boosts have been applied.
  • On Nahobino’s turn, activate the Magatsuhi skill.

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