Shiki-Ouji is a paper demon that appears in Shin Megami Tensei 5. The demon will be encountered southeast of the Nagtacho Leyline Foundation. The demon will first task players with a quest, but when the player returns, they will be suddenly attacked.

Battling and defeating the Shiki-Ouji is not easy. Blind attacks will prove of no use. The demons have three points of resistance, and it is recommended that the Spyglass is used to gather more information about the demon before engaging in combat with them.


  • The demons’ stats are higher in Magic and Strength, but their Agility and Health are low. This will mean that players will have to attack them first with a strong attack.
  • Due to the high Magic stat of the demon, Hama+2 can do quite some damage, while Mudo+2 will also result in considerable damage.
  • Both these skills will kill targets that are vulnerable to them, and so players will need to make sure they do not use demons weak to Light and Shadow attacks in this battle.
  • Makajama+1 will be used by Shiki-Ouji to apply for the Seal status. This will block players from using their skills, and they can only use basic attacks unless the status is cured with Amrita Soda or other support skills such as Patra.
  • The demon also knows Tarukaja, which increases their damage by 1 tier for 3 turns. However, this does not have much of an impact since the physical skills of Shiki-Ouji are virtually nil.


  • The Shiki-Ouji is resistant to physical, light, and shadow damage. Players will have to avoid these attacks against the paper demon.


  • There are three main weaknesses of the Shiki-Ouji: Fire, Confusion, and Force. Using these skills will enable players to defeat the paper demon more easily.
  • When Fire-type skills are used, there is a significant impact, since the demon is made of paper.
  • A player above level 20 can use the Jack o’ Lantern, which is one of the best demons for fire damage.
  • Agilao skill can do some medium-level damage to the demon, burning the demon’s HP very quickly.
  • When using Confusion, there is a 100% strike rate. Once the demon is affected, it is more likely to be affected by further Confusion attacks.
  • The first time, the demon will be stunned and will skip its move. The second time Confusion is used, it will damage itself.

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