shiny baltoy pokemon go

Enigma Week is going on in Pokemon Go and the question that’s in everyone’s heads is  – How to catch Shiny Baltoy? Well, worry not, here’s our guide on how you can catch Shiny Baltoy Pokemon during the Enigma Week August 2020.

Catching Shiny Baltoy Pokemon Go – August 2020

To encounter Shiny Baltoy, you need to complete the Enigma Week research task – Make Three Curveball Throws. After you to that, you’ll get the chance to encounter Baltoy, but in the wild. Try to find Shiny Baltoy. Once you catch it, you can evolve it into Claydol with 50 Candy.

Date and Time

Enigma Week is only available until August 14, Saturday 1 pm PDT (GMT -7). Many players have already caught the Shiny Baltoy, and now it’s your chance to catch it.

That’s it. It’s very easy to catch Shiny Baltoy. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to drop them down in the comments section below.

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