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Sticking around and taking out mobs of foes has its advantages. Successfully defeating opponents boosts a Score multiplier. If players are suffering hits or dying frequently, this might be tough to sustain or increase quickly.

Instead, there’s a little-known system in Sifu that amplifies the number of Scores players get from each of the enemies they face. This system can quickly present players with a large multiplier before they even throw a punch.

How To Increase Score

Players can tease their opponents and taunt them using an animation or spoken phrase that boosts their current multiplier score. When taunts are combined with foes defeated, the player’s Score skyrockets.

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This is useful if they want to buy one of the three shrine statue boons under the Score tab. Structure Regain, Focus Regain, and Parry Impact are all score-based boons.

Parry Influence, for example, boosts the player’s parry’s impact on the opponent’s Structure bar and can be crucial in Sifu’s true ending three-phase final fight against Yang. Otherwise, if they’d rather buy Age-based or XP-based boons, players can choose to ignore Score when deciding which shrine statue prizes to purchase. However, because Age, Score, and XP are all integral to Sifu’s main mechanics, it may be beneficial to experiment in each for a well-rounded playthrough.

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