Sifu: Not Downloading Issue, How To Fix

Those who have bought early access to Sifu through the deluxe edition may be in for a surprise, as the game is not downloading as expected. According to the devs, the issue is due to the PlayStation’s pre-load panel in the US. The US has a month-day-year format, compared to the rest of the world with a Day-Month-Year. While they have assured you that they’ve worked with Sony to resolve it, you may still be in the download stuck.

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If you are, here is the step-by-step process you can follow. This fix works on both

PS4 and PS5:

  1. Restart your console
  2. Launch Sifu
  3. After launching, head to Users and Accounts in console Settings
  4. Click on Other and Restore Licenses
  5. Try to add a PS+ game to the library (it does not matter which game)
  6. Go back to the queue and try to download Sifu again

Tests on PS4 and PS5 show that this restore license trick works on both consoles. The developers have apologized for the inconvenience they caused. They will be rewarding Deluxe Edition holders with a unique in-game item to compensate.

Image Courtesy of Sloclap

The action-adventure game will release publicly on February 8. It follows the story of a kung fu student who is on a path to avenging their murdered family. The game has been on the radar of many gamers, thanks to its unique combat system featuring 150 attacks.

Those who’ve gotten early access to the game praised its design, story, and AI. The combat feels very rewarding, and its stylish charm pushes through as you go through the game.

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