Simplified Apex Legends Tier List for Season 16 Ranked

The Apex tier list keeps changing every season, and Respawn just passed the bar with the new update. This season has brought so many new changes to the game, including legends and its categories. The meta has shifted against scan legends that were significant in previous seasons. Everyone abused Seer last season, and he was nerfed yet still viable in competitive Apex. So I have compiled a ranked tier list for Apex Legends season 16.

Before we begin with the tier list and meta, you need to know what the latest update has categorized the legends as:

Assault Ash, Bangalore, Mad Maggie, and Revenant
Controller Catalyst, Caustic, Rampart, and Wattson
Recon Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Vantage
Skirmisher Horizon, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, and Wraith
Support Gibraltar, Lifeline, Loba, and New Castle

Apex Legends Season 16 tier list

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

S-Tier Legends


This season, the most highly sought-after character in Apex Legends is Bangalore, a legend previously categorized as a C-tier character due to the prevalence of scan-based legends.

Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts

However, her exceptional evasive abilities, comprising both tactical and passive maneuvers, have made her the most frequently selected character in the game.

  • Having been added to the Assault class and equipped with an additional slot for carrying more ammunition following the buff.
  • Most importantly, she’s highly valued because of her ability to prevent third parties by using her ultimate and tactical to deny knowledge against the opponents. Bangalore is Apex Legends season 16 meta. Don’t sleep on Bangalore’s abilities.


Despite undergoing numerous nerfs, Valkyrie remains a viable character in Apex Legends. Although her ultimate can no longer mark enemies on the mini-map, it still offers significant value due to her exceptional rotational capabilities, which are unique among most other legends.

Apex Legends - Valkyrie Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

She’s still the best legend to use for macro-rotations. Furthermore, her evasive abilities during combat enable her to counter enemy teams effectively by strategically repositioning herself.


Seer was the only legend that was nerfed the hardest. Bloodhound and Seer created a meta change in the entire game where it made you feel like you were missing out if your team didn’t have a scan legend.

Apex Legends - Seer Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

This season, his ultimate lasts 5 seconds less, the cooldown is a minute longer, and his passive response is relatively slow. This does not mean you should sleep on him. He still offers much value, considering Bangalore is a top-tier legend now. Additionally, he’s still considered a Recon legend.

A-Tier Legends

Wraith and Pathfinder

The OG legends of Apex received a buff in Season 16. Wraith and Pathfinder are now classified as Skirmisher legends. They have the ability to provide macro-rotations to their teammates now, although not as powerful as Valkyrie.

Apex Legends Wraith and Pathfinder

  • Their ultimates now go longer distances; additionally, Pathfinder’s zip lines are longer and faster. And his new passive now grants you free ziplines every time you scan into a care package.
  • They are easily the A-tier legends for this season. Bonus, Pathfinder can get his ultimate from scanning supply drops. More reason to explore the original movement legends of Apex Legends.

Caustic and Catalyst

Caustic and Catalyst were considered defensive legends last season, along with others like Wattson and Rampart. Respawn has now categorized them as Controller legends.

ApexLegends Caustic and Catalyst

  • Caustic is still viable, and his abilities are effective in closed locations. On the other hand, Catalyst is gaining popularity considering the Seer and Bangalore meta.
  • You may see Catalyst being paired with Seer to deny knowledge and play aggressively against other enemies.
  • Caustic has always been good, but there are shortcomings whenever you play him in open spaces. Closed-doors Caustic is still very strong. Catalyst can be reliable where Caustic falls short.

Mad Maggie

I doubted Mad Maggie’s abilities earlier in the season. No one would’ve thought she’d be ranking top in the tier list of most professional players.

Apex Legends - Mad Maggie Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Undoubtedly, she’s a movement legend because of her passive ability to carry shotguns at the same speed as holstering weapons. Her ultimate and passive has the lowest cooldown among other legends, and she can easily counter Gibraltar.

B-tier Legends


In B-tier, I rank Loba as the top of the line among its peers. Simply because of the recent buff, which gave her the ability to craft a teammate’s banner even if time ran out.

Apex Legends - Loba Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

The Apex fanbase has been asking for this feature for over two years. Finally, Respawn listened. Other than that, her kit remains the same. I’m excited to see how professionals will demonstrate her abilities in scrims and tournaments.


Bloodhound’s capabilities are still on point, regardless of the changes. Bloodhound and Crypto can now guide toward nearby enemies on the map with their new passive abilities.

Apex Legends Bloodhound
Image Courtesy of EA

It’s like a mini-Maproom. Although the nerf has countered the legend’s capabilities, the legend still provides useful intel.


Crypto stays on par with Bloodhound, IMO. Crypto and Bloodhound can now provide enemy location info on the map like other recon legends.

Apex Legends - Crypto Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Crypto’s value has stayed consistent no matter the update considering how little the updates have impacted his ability to make a difference. His drone still provides a safe way to scout POIs for your team and scan for nearby enemies.


Gibby is still useful. His abilities do provide S-tier benefits. Unfortunately, you can easily counter a Gibby in the current meta with other legends’ abilities. If you were a good Gibby player way before the update, don’t sleep on him.

Apex Legends - Gibraltar Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Gibraltar provides additional value to the team no matter how many counters you can throw at him. Gibraltar can still be an asset to your team. New Castle will never replace him.


Octane is a great legend for aggressive plays, but after the jump pad nerf, his ultimate doesn’t provide any additional value to the team.

Apex Legends - Octane Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Although his tactical ability is beneficial in sticky situations. Nonetheless, he’s not horrible. His abilities are capable of pulling clutches and rolling kids on a Sunday night.


Rampart is easily a B-tier. Her ultimate doesn’t provide much value to the team and is always situational. Not all players fall for that. Her tactical ability is not fast either and can be easily countered.

Apex Legends - Rampart Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Rampart doesn’t necessarily need to rework rather she needs a slight buff on her tactical. Although there are people who can easily pull off with Rampart, too.

C-tier Legends


We all know why we shouldn’t pick her up this season. Her abilities were hard-nerfed. She was an S-tier legend last season.

Apex Legends - Horizon Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Unfortunately, the ultimate can no longer suck enemies through the other side of the wall, you can no longer have straight aim on her tactical, and lastly, you strafe slow during her tactical. All of those combined have drastically shifted the Horizon-Seer meta.

New Castle

You might be wondering why he’s a C-tier. Well, his abilities do need to be buffed a little. His tactical can be destroyed, although his ultimate and passive are impressively good. I do not prefer him for his tactical. His value is considerably less than Gibby’s, but he is definitely, a good choice for ranked.

Apex Legends - Newcastle Legend
Image Courtesy of EA

Fuse, Wattson, Ash, and Vantage

All of these legends are good at best. Although, Fuse is better than the rest. Wattson doesn’t provide much value to the team as much as she used to in the early seasons.

Apex Legends Fuse, Wattson, Ash, Vantage
Images Courtesy of EA

Ash’s portal is horrible because it slows her down, and her tactical ability isn’t useful either. Vantage doesn’t provide much value to the team. I would’ve loved for her to do more with her ultimate other than giving additional damage to the team members.

D-tier Legends

Do not tier. Please avoid these legends at all costs. Regardless of how you put them, Lifeline, Mirage, and Revenant are horrible. There’s a reason why most professionals don’t pick them up. Although, if you’re just having fun, you can have fun without judgment. We need a miracle down here ever to play these legends.

Apex Legends Lifeline, Mirage, Revenant

To wrap it all up, for Season 16 of Apex Legends, explore OG legends like Wraith, Pathfinder, and especially Bangalore. Bangalore is impressively good. Pair them up with whomever you want. These legends are impressive in both ranked and tournaments. Apex Legends have finally brought varieties into the game, and we can say goodbye to the scan meta.

Who’s your favorite legend in Season 16? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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