Skyrim: Ghosts of Tribunal Explained

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition includes a number of brand-new features, including Ghosts of the Tribunal, which is a mini-worth expansion of new stuff to explore. The old Dark Elf Living Gods, renamed Saints at the time of Skyrim by the New Temple, are the center of Ghosts of the Tribunal.

Ghosts of the Tribunal

The majority of Ghosts of the Tribunal takes place in Solstheim, while some questlines send players back to Skyrim. Take a boat from the Windhelm docks to Raven Rock to begin the first quest. After killing the two Cultists in Whiterun on the main quest, the player will then move to Solstheim.

Explore Raven Rock for the Temple once you’ve arrived in Solstheim; it’s easy to spot, rising above most of the town’s other structures. Enter the building, descend the steps, and enter the first chamber on the right. To start the questline, look for a book named Heretic’s Dossier: Blacksmith’s Confessional in this little bedroom.

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The Dark Elf Living Gods

The Living Gods were unable to make their annual trek to the Heart of Lorkhan during the events of Morrowind, notably the Tribunal expansion, due to Dagoth Ur’s intervention. Almalexia loses her godhood and kills Sotha Sil in his Clockwork City before being killed by the Nerevarine. Nothing is known about Vivec’s fate. Following the Tribunal’s disappearance, the New Temple, which worshipped the “Good Daedra” Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala, rose to popularity and relegated the Living Gods to the status of simple saints.


In Ghosts of the Tribunal, there is six questlines total, with five side missions and one main quest. The primary objective, Ghosts of the Tribunal, requires the player to cooperate with a secret gang of heretics based in Raven Rock to rekindle the flame of adoration for the previous Tribunal. However, players don’t need to join them; in this creation, worshiping the New Temple is a supported path.

The five side tasks are largely linked to Ghosts of the Tribunal’s unique weapons and armor. Trueflame, for example, leads the player to a Dwarven forge in order to reforge the legendary Morrowind blade. Each of these tasks should be in either Ashfall’s Tear’s secret Tribunal temple or Raven Rock itself.

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4 thoughts on “Skyrim: Ghosts of Tribunal Explained”

  1. So far, I’m really impressed with this quest! And this article was helpful in giving me a better idea of what to expect, so thanks! Though, I do have some questions. (Spoilers below, maybe?)
    What are the pros and cons of joining the heretics versus killing them? Does it really change anything in game, for instance, do the inhabitants of Raven Rock begin worshipping the old gods? Will I get run out of town by an angry mob or have cultists come after me if I side one way or the other? I’m already quite a ways through this Skyrim run with this character and want to make sure the choices I make kind of fall in line with how I imagine the character to act/think/behave.
    Just preemptively, I’m not a player who likes to “find out for myself”. It’s just not fun for me, personally. If I end up choosing a path I don’t like or just want to see what the opposite outcome of what I chose looks like, I don’t want to reload and potentially have to replay several hours of game. You know? I’ll save the other side for my next playthrough (like choosing Dawnguard one run, Volkihar vamps the next), but I love spoilers and would like to know. (I tried looking for a walkthrough, but there really isn’t one that I was able to find, lol.)

    1. Hey witchskii. Thanks for reading this article!
      As for the quest, it wouldn’t really change how it “ends” as you will still be able to complete them. The only difference is that if you choose to “kill”, then they will attack you. The notes will still be found near or on the corpses. On the other hand, if you choose to “join” then you will have to either persuade the matriarch or fight the warriors to show your worth. You will face them 1 by 1. Another thing to note: You can have 1 of the warriors you defeated as a follower. Additionally, talk to Vesparth the Toe and “trade” to get Cleaver of St. Felms! Let us know if we helped!

  2. I have been trying to find info on Vesparth the Toe, like her level cap and abilities. For some reason I’m having difficulties finding this info.

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