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Players should travel to the Goldenhills Plantation to begin The Unquiet Dead by exiting Rorikstead. This is a farming settlement in the Hold of Whiterun and players must continue eastward. After discovering the location, the player will be attacked by a ghost, whose defeat initiates the quest. The task can also be obtained by asking an innkeeper at one of Skyrim’s many bars for rumors. After which, players will be escorted to the farm to investigate a haunting.

Unquiet Dead Quest

  • After the ghost has been dispatched, players should search for Urval’s body near the plantation mansion proper. Among Urval’s personal items will be a ripped page from a journal, implying that the player should search for the remainder of it to understand the farm’s tragedy. To accomplish so, one must first enter the house. Then climb to the top level to find Urval’s notebook.
  • Urval had concerns that his wife, Jonquil, was a witch, and that she poisoned him after Urval challenged her about it, according to the journal. The players’ next course of action would be to descend to the basement. By looking to the right and activating a button on the wall beside the door, one can get access to Jonquil’s hidden laboratory.
Screengrab Courtesy of No-Nonsense Guides via Youtube

The cabinet will move to reveal a way to the laboratory, where Jonquil’s spirit will assault the players. The players will be able to read her journal on the apothecary table after defeating their spectral adversary. This will offer more light on the events that triggered the haunting. It discloses that the couple killed each other when their son, Rin, went missing. Each side blames the other for their child’s death.

The Truth

  • After realizing the truth, the final element of the journey entails finding Rin’s journal in his room and learning the boy’s true destiny. The boy’s plans to go to an ancient well to hunt a wolf are in the notebook. Players may reach by heading southeast, looking to their left, until they come across a pack of wolves.
  • The players will find Rin’s gnawed-up skeleton next to the well, complete with a wooden toy sword remaining in his grip, after taking care of the pack with their Dragonborn’s weapon of choice. When they return with the sword and lay it beneath the Imperial banner in his room, the task is complete. This calls all three ghosts to a spot near the player, with the kid handing over the keys to the farm. This is as a thank you for putting his family’s restless souls to rest.

After obtaining the key to the Goldenhill Plantation and resolving the haunting issue, players can now use the farm. Upgrade it using numerous construction options similar to those found in Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC.

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