The Shivering Isles, home of the Mad God Sheogorath, are featured in Saints and Seducers. The new Madness Ore may be used to forge high-class weapons and armor and can be found in this pack.

Where To Get Madness Ore

  • This ore can be obtained from Khajiit traders after progressing far enough in the Saints and Seducers questline. Players will be able to purchase M.O. directly from Ri’saad’s caravan once they receive a note from him telling them that he is stocking new materials. Ri’saad’s inventory refreshes every two days. So skipping time to purchase more is a realistic strategy.
  • You may also get ores in dungeon boss chests, which are all across Skyrim. The game’s most challenging opponents are dungeon bosses, who almost always have a chest as a reward for slaying them.
  • Madness Ore is one of the most difficult crafting materials to get in Skyrim, with only a few locations where it may be found. Dungeons can range from caves to castles, and players are free to explore them while searching for Madness Ore.
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How To Use

Players cannot use Madness Ore or Madness Ingots by default. They must complete a quest chain to understand the secrets of Madness making.

  • After killing Thoron, begin this quest by collecting the Note on Amber and Madness Ore, which may be located near the strong Skyrim boss.
  • This note will start a quest to find Evethra, an arcane blacksmith who knows how to forge Madness Ore.
  • After defeating Evethra and completing the mission, players simply need to read her journal to discover the secret.

In Skyrim, Madness Weapons are superior to Dragonbone weapons. Madness armor, like Daedric armor, provides higher protection at the expense of increased weight.

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