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The Autumn’s Bells location, which boasts spiky grass and bizarrely colored rabbits, has all of the parts of the Dwarven Horse. As with the rest of Runoff Caverns, Skyrim’s Dwemer adversaries will be patrolling this area. In other words, expect a fight.

Players must first locate the missing parts in Runoff Caverns in order to recreate it. Each season will represent a distinct area of the dungeon.

Screengrab Courtesy of Whitelion Gamer Forever via YouTube

The Dwarven Horse mission will not immediately enter players’ notebooks, unlike many of the Creation Club quests in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Gamers must first travel to the Runoff Caverns in the Reach, which is located around midway between Markarth and Falkreath. The Vamidium’s remnants may be found on the floor near the entrance to the dungeon, and triggering it starts the adventure.

Dwarven Horse Parts Location:

  • Right Front Leg: Located in the great hall, beside the body of the fallen mercenary. You will instantly notice it after reaching in Autumn’s Bells.
  • Left Back Leg: Found near the field of Glowing Red Wheat in the main room of Autumn’s Bells. It’s under a chest on the east side of the tower.
  • Right Back Leg: Located in the main room and accessible by crossing the central bridge. It’s under the collapsed structure to the south of the Sickly Green Wheat and can be stolen.
  • Left Front Leg: The final item in the room, mounted on a pedestal, maybe located against the south wall.
  • Head: Players must complete the Autumn’s Bells challenge by harvesting six different types of wheat and storing them in the appropriate receptacles. This will allow you to enter the treasure room, where you’ll find the head on a mound of gold.

Collecting all of the pieces, players can return to the surface to reawaken the Vamidium’s body. A functional mechanical horse, one of Skyrim’s most intriguing mounts, will be the outcome of this.

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