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Silver armor may only be obtained by first installing the Creation Club content. The creation in question is called Alternative Armors – Silver, and it can be found in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Players in open-world RPGs should go to the Creation Club from the main menu, look for Alternative Armors – Silver, and press the on-screen input.

Following the installation of the Creation, players should seek out M’Sharra’s Diary at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.
  • Reading this diary, which appears as a note on a table among various dishes with candles and cheese, begins the When the Cat’s Away quest.
  • Players are sent to examine Dragonsreach Dungeon at the start of this quest. Locate M’Sharra’s Confession on the ground in the corner of one of its chambers.
  • Fans will receive M’Sharra’s Key and instructions to “retrieve the armor from the Hut” after reading the confession.
  • The Skyrim armor is none other than the Silver pieces, and the hut is located just northwest of Rorikstead.
  • Players will have to fight Skeevers in and around this structure, they should have no issue reaching the chest inside.
  • Unlocking it, you will obtain the Silver Armor, Silver Helmet, Silver Boots, and Silver Gauntlets.
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Armor Set

  • Players can begin equipping them and concentrating their efforts on obtaining some of the other rare armor sets. Fans can also concentrate on unlocking some of the new player homes seen in this edition, such as Bloodchill Manor and Nchuanthumz Dwarven Home.
  • If a player has already completed all of the Creation Club content, they can look for additional weapons such as the Bow of Shadows and the Goldbrand Fire Katana.

In this Anniversary Edition, players can gather many exotic armor sets. The majority of them were from Blades, the mobile Elder Scrolls game. Four pieces of Silver armor are included in these sets, and many players will definitely want to collect them all. Silver armor in Skyrim is incredibly beautiful to look at.

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