Skyrim: The Skull Of Corruption, How To Get

The Skull of Corruption is a gift from Vaermina. This is for completing the Waking Nightmare quest in Dawnstar. To use Dreamsteal simply cast it on a sleeping person, and it will collect their dreams. Players must charge it using soul gems to use its full power.

You should never hurt a sleeping NPC. Only awake people are affected by Waking Nightmare and Psychic Agony, the two harmful effects of the enchantment. Once the Dreamsteal active effect is used, it is applied to a sleeping NPC.

They are no longer in the hands of Dreamsteal. Because the Detrimental and Hostile flags are not checked, as well as No-Hit Event and Painless, witnesses should consider the Dreamsteal component non-hostile.

The Skull Of Corruption

Complete Vaermina’s Daedric Quest in Skyrim, which begins in the northern city of Dawnstar, to obtain the Skull of Corruption. Go inside the Windpeak Inn and speak with Erandur, the Priest of Mara. He leads players to a nearby temple, where they must make a decision after completing a series of

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At the conclusion of the quest “Waking Nightmare,” players assist Erandur in tearing down the Skull of Corruption’s barrier in order to destroy it. If the player kills Erandur as he begins to break through the barrier, Vaermina will give them the Skull of Corruption to wield as they like.

***If you don’t wish to kill Erandur, you can still finish the mission and gain him as a disciple, but you won’t be able to earn the Skull of Corruption if you spare his life.


Screengrab Courtesy of StraightUpIrish via YouTube
Type Staff
Weight 10
Value 1680
  • In a narrow area, 20 damage = on a single hit.
  • It collects dreams from sleeping NPCs to gain up to 50 power.
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