Skyrim: Wild Horses, Where To Find

Horses have been a part of the Elder Scrolls universe since the fourth title, Oblivion. They seemed to be weak but agile in Oblivion, but are sturdy but slow in the later installation, Skyrim. In Skyrim, horses could only be found in the wild with the Creation Clun add-on. This was until the Skyrim Anniversary Edition was released. With the Anniversary Edition, the Wild Horses pack addition allowed players to tame different mares. Now, a total of 8 varieties of horses can be found in the game.


Players can obtain Wild Horse maps from Stablemasters or some general store owners. The maps will indicate the location of a nearby type of horse. However, it will not be of much help in pointing out their exact locations. Each breed of horse can be found at a particular location in the world of Skyrim.

  • Black Horse: This breed can be found near Falkreath, outside Evergreen Cove in the northwest part of the city
  • Dappled Brown: This can be found near Solitude in the southern part of the city near a Dragon Mound
  • Chestnut: This can be found near Helgen in the mountains at the east of the village
  • Red Horse: This can be found near Whiterun in the northern fields
  • Pale Mare: This can be found near Windhelm in the northeastern part of the city outside Yngol Barrow
  • Spotted Grey: This can be found near Markarth in the mountains that are north of the Salvius Farm
  • Spotted White: This can be found north of the Riften in Eastmarch Hold near Stony Creek Cave

However, it is not as easy to tame a horse in Skyrim. Players will have to expect to be thrown off, or at least a hard time before they can ride the horses.

Image Courtesy: GameRant

The Unicorn

  • The Unicorn is a special variety among the horses that are found in Skyrim. Unicorns are added to the game through the Wild Horse creation, but cannot be found in the wild.
  • They can be obtained only through the Creature of Legend quest. Players can begin the quest by reading Soran’s Journal. This Journal can be found on Urag’s desk, in the College of Winterhold’s Arcanaeum.
  • When the quest begins, players will have to go to Lost Prospect Mine which is northeast of Riften. The Unicorn will appear in the western part of the Mine. It can be tamed in the same way as any other wild horse.

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