Niantic is bringing its first month of Pokemon Go’s Season of Legends to a close with one final Spotlight Hour dedicated to the Johto region. Slugma, the fiery snail, will be honored during the hour-long event!

Who is Slugma?

  • Type: Fire-type
  • Weakness: Ground, Rock, Water-type moves
  • Evolution: Evolves to Magcargo (50 Candies)

Slugma Spotlight Hour

  • Start: 30th of March at 6:00PM (local time)
  • Ends: 30th of March at 7:00PM (local time)

Every month on the second Tuesday, as many players have come to expect, Pokemon Go honors a different character for an hour. The map will be overrun with pokemon for sixty minutes due to increased spawn rates!

The weekly mystery bonus hour has been incorporated with Tuesday’s Spotlight activities, which is good news for Trainers. Players will be able to earn a 2x Candy bonus each moment they catch a Pokemon on March 30 in honor of Slugma’s birthday.

Due to the fact that players will be catching dozens of Slugmas obviously, the improved rate will allow evolving Magcargo even quicker!

Shiny Slugma Tips!

  • Spot him!

    • Shiny Slugma is a unique character. Instead of being orange, this Pokémon will be a sickly gray, making it stick out among the other brightly colored Pokémon!
  • Johto Celebration

    • The event increases the chances of a Shiny Slugma spawning in the wild for the player.
    • The real disadvantage is that players looking for Shiny Slugma will have to search for it the same way they would for any other shiny Pokemon: slowly and with luck.
  • Incense

    • Although this technique does not guarantee a Shiny Slugma, it does greatly significantly increase the chances the likelihood of one appearing.
  • Slugma Nest

    • Neighborhoods
    • Beaches
    • Parks
  • Keep an eye on the weather.

    • Dry / arid climates.
    • Warmer weather.
  • Sliph Road

    • The Sliph Road aids in the narrowing down of identified nests by other gamers!

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