Players can grab a great deal of shiny Pokémon on Community Day, which is one of Niantic’s most notable long-running activities Here’s all you have to remember about April 2021’s Snivy in the Sunshine event!

Event Date:

  • 11th of April 11:00AM – 5:00PM (local time)

Exclusive Special Research – Snivy in the Sunshine

The in-game shop now sells tickets for the highly anticipated “Snivy in the Sunshine Special Research”!

Quest Dialogue

Hey there, (PLAYERNAME)!

I just got back from a long walk in the sunshine and I have to say, it felt pretty amazing.

Did you know even taking a short walk can boost your energy? Say, that reminds me of something interesting I saw while I was out stretching my legs.

It was particularly sunny this morning which seemed to encourage a group of Snivy to emerge from the foliage to sun themselves.

Seeing so many of the Grass Snake Pokémon in one area was very unusual, could you assist me in looking further into this situation?

As I recall, they are very calm creatures, so you should be able to observe them easily in order to assist with researching this phenomena.

Best of luck, and remember to enjoy the walk, it’s good for your health!


Ah, welcome back, Trainer!

I see you were successful encountering a sunning Snivy on your walk, great work! Referencing the Pokédex, I remembered why Snivy love the sun so much.

This Grass-type Pokémon photosynthesize by bathing their tails in sunlight. Much like the sunlight they crave, Snivy are quite bright!

Intelligent and calm, they were first enountered in the Unova region.

TEXT: While we continue to document this situation, could you evolve your Snivy for me? I’d like to be able to document its next stage of evolution, Servine.

Once you do, take care – they are quite masterful with whipping techniques.

Wonderful work, (PLAYERNAME)! That is quite the fine looking Servine.

Also known as the Grass Snake Pokémon, it moves along the ground as if sliding. While quite swift, it will retreat to the shadows of thick foliage to avoid attacks.

We have collected plenty of research about Snivy and Servine to document this situation, I’d like to make sure we close this out with making sure we cover its next evolution, Serperior.

Known as the Regal Pokémon. Much like Snivy and Servine, it loves the sunlight. It takes in solar energy and boosts it internally.

How about you evolve your Servine into Serperior, sounds like you’ll have a powerful Grass-type Pokémon to join your journey with you once you are done!

Fantastic job, Trainer! Looks like Serperior will be a great asset when it comes to battling other Trainers.

It can stop its opponents’ movements with just a glare. If the glare isn’t successful on its opponent, it will give its all in battle.

I hope you follow the example of this Grass-type Pokémon, (PLAYERNAME), and give it your all when it comes to becoming a great Pokémon Trainer!

Thank you again for all your help documenting this situation, all this chatter about walks and sunshine has me itching to go back outside for another dose of fresh air.

Be safe and happy exploring. Until next time, let’s GO!

Community Day Features (April 2021)

  • Snivy will become more common in the wild. If you’re incredibly fortunate, you’ll come across a Shiny one!
  • To receive a Serperior with Frenzy Plant (Special Attack), evolve Servine (Snivy Evolution) during the occasion or up to two hours later.

  • Snap a few photos for a fun treat!
  • Special one-time-purchase: 1,280 PokeCoins
    • 50x Ultra Balls
    • 4x Star Pieces
    • 4x Mossy Lure Modules
    • 1x Elite Charged TM.

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