Screengrab Courtesy of Easy Allies via Youtube

One of the most terrifying bosses is the Burning Hunter. When the region is cleansed of anomalies, the work at Luminous Peak does not stop. The region’s Remnant boss must yet be defeated.

How To Defeat Burning Hunter

  • Keep moving as the battle begins to evade the boss’s projectile assaults. The first step towards getting there is to get there. As Rei, you can use smokestack rails to launch yourself into the air.
  • You can go forward by whacking a little cloud-like creature near each stack. The boss will automatically fly near enough for you to grab its wing as you launch into the air – just don’t miss your window or you’ll have to rocket back up here.
  • Once you’re on board, it’s only a matter of slashing each weak spot until you reach the beast’s core. To bring it down, you’ll have to do it three times in total.
  • Fortunately, the first step is the same for all three rounds, and while the game sets you off at different smokestacks after a successful attack, you may absolutely launch yourself from the same one each time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, like all previous bosses, Hunter’s anatomy changes between rounds. Prepare to jump over gaps in the black goop in round two. Avoid touching the heated goop in round three, or you’ll burn away and have to start the game over.

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