Solar Ash challenges you to erase anomalies and battle powerful enemies such as the Rust Dragger and the Burning Hunter. Switching outfits can help you do this, but unless you have unlocked them beforehand. There are a total of eight in the game, and with one exception, they all provide some fantastic benefits such as reduced cool-downs for your skills, double plasma gained, and even shield repair.

Rei’s Broken Suit

Players generally begin their game with this suit. It basically does not have quite such perks of its own but you can try to equip it if you are up for a bigger challenge.

Rei’s Suit

Locate the Voidrunner stash in the Crater to unlock it. This reduces the time it takes for your Timeslip ability to calm down.

Erving’s Suit

This suit can be unlocked by finding all caches of Voidrunner in the Broken Capital. This will double your plasma intake.

Verse’s Suit

This suit can be unlocked by finding all caches Voidrunner in Ironroot Basin. This acts as a cooler for all the boosters.

Pyat’s Suit

This can be unlocked by gathering all the Voidrunner caches in Eternal Garden. This will help you restore one shield pip every time an enemy is defeated.

Ghozam’s Suit

This can be unlocked by finding all Voidrunner caches that are there in the Mirrorsea. This will double your attack power.

Tufte’s Suit

This suit on the other hand can be unlocked upon getting all the caches of Voidrunner in the Lumious Peak. The ping then catches whenever you make use of the scanner.

Absolution Suit

Once you complete the game, this suit will be rewarded.

How to Change Suits?

  • Now, that we know of the various kinds of suits, and the effect each suit will have on your performance. We must also know how to change suits later.
  • Simply visit Cyd, and she will offer you the choice to change into whatever suit you’ve unlocked – you can even downgrade to Rei’s original damaged suit if you want to play with a little more difficulty.
  • Visiting Cyd also allows you to improve your health, thus the AI companion comes in useful throughout the game.
  • Depending on the task at hand, changing suits might be beneficial. Do you need to earn more plasma? Put on Erving’s Suit to increase your intake – you’ll obtain it once you’ve found every Voidrunner cache in the Broken Capital.
  • The aforementioned Verse suit comes in helpful during boss fights, as you’ll need to constantly boost to defeat the Forgotten Thresher, Lost Sentry, and others.

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