The Pokémon Go Season of Discovery proceeds with the Solstice celebration, which brings new field research activities and prizes, along with exclusive raids for the northern and southern parts of the globe.

This occasion is only going on for 3 days, until the 20th of June, 20:00 (local time), and there’s a lot to do in that time. There’s a Regigigas raid with the chance to grab a Shiny, as well as other beautiful critters like Shiny Snorunt and a pretty adorable Deerling to grab.

Every one of the critters available to capture is pretty adorable or comes in a Shiny version, but who you can grab varies depending on which hemisphere you’re in.


Yanma Snorunt
Chimchar Snover
Deerling (Summer) Deerling (Winter)
Snorlax Solrock
Lunastone Spheal


Alolan Marowak Lapras
Yanma Piloswine
Petilil Snorunt
Lunastone Solrock

Field Research

Catch Lunastone (5x) Lunastone Encounter
Solrock Encounter
Catch Lunastone (15x) Silver Pinap Berry (1x)
Capture Pokemon (10x) Yanma Encounter (North)
Snorunt Encounter (South)
Win a Raid 60s and under Silver Pinap Berry (1x)
Use Golden Razz Berries to help catch Pokemon (3x) Regirock Candy (3x)
Regice Candy (3x)
Registeel Candy (3x)
Regigigas Candy (3x)
Catch Solrock (5x) Lunastone Encounter
Solrock Encounter
Catch Solrock (15x) Silver Pinap Berry (1x)
Earn Candies while walking with Buddy (3x) Yanma Encounter (North)
Snorunt Encounter (South)
Spin PokeStops / Gyms (7x) Regirock Candy (3x)
Regice Candy (3x)
Registeel Candy (3x)
Win a Level 3 or higher Raid (1x) Regigigas Candy (3x)

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