Survival games like Sons of the Forest require players to be resourceful and strategic to stay alive. One important aspect of survival is having the right tools and gear, and being able to store them safely. That’s where the Mannequin comes in.

Are you struggling with inventory management in Sons of the Forest? Do you find yourself constantly running out of space to store your armor and weapons? Then a Mannequin might be the solution you need. In this guide, we will show you how to build a Mannequin in Sons of the Forest and use it to store your items.

How to Build a Mannequin in Sons of the Forest:

To build a Mannequin in Sons of the Forest, you will need the following materials:

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  1. 20 Sticks
  2. 5 pieces of Duct Tape

Building the Mannequin is a straightforward process and won’t take much time. However, it’s important to note that currently, Mannequins don’t function properly in the game. They are designed to be storage units for particular items, specifically armor storage.

Mannequin doesn’t work as intended – Players are Unhappy

Many players have reported that the Mannequin doesn’t work as intended, and unfortunately, there is no known fix for this issue. However, as the game is still in early access, Endnight Games will likely release updates to address this problem. So, it’s worth keeping an eye out for future updates that may include a functioning Mannequin.

how do I use the mannequin? from SonsOfTheForest

Despite the current issues with Mannequins, they still have the potential to be incredibly useful once they’re fully functional. They can help you relieve some of the pressure on your inventory by providing a dedicated storage space for your armor.

Building a Mannequin in Sons of the Forest can be a helpful addition to your base. While it may not work correctly at the moment, it’s a promising storage solution that will likely be improved in future updates. Keep an eye out for updates, and in the meantime, continue exploring the game and its many features.

Other Storage Options:

If you’re playing Sons of The Forest, you’ll quickly realize that storage is essential for survival. As you explore the world, you’ll accumulate a variety of items, from food and drink to rocks and bones. Luckily, crafting storage options is relatively simple, and all you need are a lot of sticks.

There are several types of storage options available in the game, and each serves a specific purpose. Here are the recipes for each type of storage:

  1. Stick Storage Requirement: x6 Sticks
  2. Bone Storage Requirement: x7 Sticks
  3. Rock Storage Requirement: x7 Sticks
  4. Log Storage Requirement: x8 Sticks
  5. Shelf Requirement: x2 Logs
  6. Wall Shelf Requirement: x2 Sticks, x1 Log
  • Stick Storage is solely for storing sticks, while Rock Storage is for rocks and Bone Storage is for bones. Wall Shelves are great for storing consumables such as food and drinks. Once you’ve crafted your desired storage type, you’ll need to place it in a suitable location by pressing the “C” key.

  • While sticks can be found on the ground, you can also obtain them by destroying bushes. Be sure to have a decent melee weapon equipped, such as a spear, to defend yourself against wild enemies or cannibals. Alternatively, you can send out Kelvin to fetch some sticks.
    • Crafting storage is easy once you have the required materials. Open the Guide Book by pressing the “B” key, then select the crafting section by holding the “X” key.
    • Choose the fourth option down and select the type of storage you want. You’ll be presented with a template that you’ll need to place.
    • Once you’ve found a spot and placed it down, press the “E” key to place the required amount of materials, and your storage will be ready to use.

Crafting storage options is an essential part of surviving in Sons of The Forest. With these recipes, you can easily store your items and free up space in your inventory. Just make sure you have plenty of sticks on hand!

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