Modern Warfare 2 on the PS5 can reach a smooth 120 FPS while maintaining its crisp graphics. Gamers know how vital frame rate is, especially in a game with competitive multiplayer. Doing it on the PS5 is easily achievable as long as you know what settings you need to turn on. All of this helps optimize the game and ensure that you’re maximizing your performance on the console.


How to Enable

The first thing you need to ensure before you reach 120 frames is through checking your monitor capability. You will need a monitor or television with at least 120Hz refresh rates capable of the maximum setting. A 60Hz monitor will not be able to unlock this setting even if you enable it on the PS5.

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Once you have that display and the game is already installed, head to the PS5 home screen. There you’ll be able to access the settings menu. Scroll down until you reach a Screen and Video tab, which will have a selector for 120Hz Output. Select Automatic, and the console will do the rest for you.

All you need to do is open Modern Warfare 2 and enjoy its full glory at 120FPS. According to players, gunplay will feel better and more responsive. The movement also feels smoother. You’ll have an enhanced overall experience, whether you’re going through the campaign or playing online.

What to Expect in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a familiar feel, with the upgrades being the visual enhancement of next-generation consoles. The gameplay also feels better, though it is due to technology. The single campaign will be identical for those who’ve played the original critically acclaimed 2009 release. There may still be bugs that the developers hope to fix as more people gain access to the game.

In terms of multiplayer, Infinity Ward has placed much more focus on this aspect. There are a lot of modes to choose from at launch, from classic modes, to addition to the fan-favorite maps available in the original game. The new engine does make the game smoother, and there are also new features that hope to make it stand out differently from its previous iteration.

Perk Packages

The Perk Packages is an upgrade to the Perk system. It allows players to load up with a package of four perks. These consist of two Bases, one Bonus, and one Ultimate Perk that complements specific play styles. You can then unlock more perks that you can add to this package or customize them as you see fit. The Modern Warfare 2 website has a list of available perks.

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While Modern Warfare 2 has no zombie mode, it doesn’t mean that Infinity Ward has no plans for it in the future. Leaks and files in the game indicate that zombies may be happening shortly. It could happen a few months after launch before it becomes a permanent part of the game. For now, players will have the base game.

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