The holidays are coming, and with Black Friday and Christmas drawing near, the expectation is higher demand for the PlayStation 5. With that said, you may be looking for a Sony PlayStation 5 price update to come with the season. Historically, Sony isn’t one to offer console discounts, and it isn’t changing any time soon. There are reports that they will increase the cost of newer consoles thanks to hardware upgrades.

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For now, people can expect to have standard prices for the holidays. Sony is ramping up production, and more may be available at your favorite stores. As a quick reminder, the Disc edition of the PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99, while the digital version is cheaper at $399.99. The digital version cannot install and play disc games, so you’ll have to download them from the PS Store.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a PlayStation 5 for the Holidays?

Preorders and releases often come monthly for the PlayStation. It’s best to have these websites bookmarked so you can check them and get updates for when they release consoles. There will be higher demand, so it pays to be faster than the rest. Here’s where you may find fortune in getting the console you’ve been looking to buy:

PlayStation 5 at Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the most reliable stores for shopping online if you’re looking for a PS5. They also deliver to Canada and Mexico if you live in those regions. The PlayStation 5 and its numerous packages are currently out of stock. However, you can check here often to see if they update and have items in stock. They recently sold a PS5 disc console with Modern Warfare II bundle for $569.98.


Amazon has numerous sellers with the console, and they regularly release each month. Since there is a significantly high demand, you’ll have to request an invitation when the console is in stock. Once it goes in stock, you’ll receive a notification, and speed is vital for snagging one. There will be more people with invitations than consoles in stock. According to reviews, Amazon is selling the latest 1200 model at SRP.


Like Best Buy, Target often stocks both versions of the PlayStation 5 at their store. Their online shop has all their physical locations connected, so you may find one near your area. The console will be viewable if they have it in stock though demand is also high. Have it saved in your bookmarks and check back often.

PlayStation 5 at PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct is the official store by Sony that sells everything related to their consoles. You’ll find limited edition units that you won’t find anywhere else here. You can sign in and claim a reservation for a console. It is one of the most surefire ways to reserve a unit when you’re eager to buy. Most of the special bundles are also available here.

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