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Fans of Final Fantasy are counting down to the days until the official release of FF16, as the game will be available on June 22. There will be significant gameplay mechanics differences in the upcoming PS5-exclusive RPG game compared to the previous titles. Here, we will talk about what’s new in Square Enix’s FF16 gameplay mechanics! Let’s dive in!

New Gameplay Mechanics in Final Fantasy 16

In the official trailer, Square Enix takes us into Final Fantasy 16 gameplay. Getting a first glance at the action, fans of FF16 can immediately see the biggest combat mechanic difference. In the upcoming title from Square Enix, the combat will be a hack-and-slash game, rather than a turn-based RPG, which all the previous FF titles were best known for.

This new combat mechanic was debated in 2019, when Ryota Suzuki, a Capcom veteran, joined Square Enix as one of the game development staff. Suzuki is well known for his work on hack-and-slash games, especially Devil May Cry.

Base Gameplay Mechanic

We can see in the trailer that Final Fantasy 16 will be a fast-paced third-person action game, with Clive Rosfield as the main character. Breaking the tradition of the past turn-based RPG Final Fantasy, there seems to be no party system in Final Fantasy 16.

There are some gameplay mechanic previews in the trailer that is worth noting:

Equippable Eikons

Many people may recognize Eikons as Summons, the mythical beings and beasts that appeared in earlier Final Fantasy games and could completely shift the course of a battle. In Final Fantasy 14 MMORPG, Eikons are part of the game’s main storyline characters.

In FF16, however, there is a variety of equippable Eikons, and each one seems to unlock a different set of skills that Clive could use in battle. Then, various fighting systems and move sets become available while changing between Eikons. So rather than summoning Eikons, Clive will harness the energy and use the power of the Eikons instead.

Available Eikons to be equipped in FF16 are:

  • Ifrit

FF16 gameplay mechanics
Ifrit, courtesy of Square Enix

The fiery demon appears to be one of the Eikons with a vital storyline in FF16—bringing devastating blazing attacks such as fireballs and Wildfire to the combat.

  • Phoenix

FF16 gameplay mechanics
Phoenix, courtesy of Square Enix

As seen in the trailer, this seems to be the default equippable Eikon. Equipping Phoenix will grant Clive new abilities, Rising Flames, and Scarlett Cyclone.

  • Garuda

FF16 gameplay mechanics
Garuda, courtesy of Square Enix

The menacing aero Eikon, Garuda is seen in the trailer. With Garuda Eikon equipped, it will grant crowd controlling skill, Deadly Embrace. Its additional skills are the Gouge and Wicked Wheel. These will grant additional damage to enemies on the battlefield.

  • Shiva

FF16 gameplay mechanics
Shiva, courtesy of Square Enix

As an ice element goddess, equipping this Eikon will grant you a special ability Cold Snap, which could freeze foes around you. However, in FF16, Shiva will grant Clive electric-based skills instead: Thunderstorm and Piledrive.

  • Titan

FF16 gameplay mechanics
Titan, courtesy of Square Enix

With Titan Eikon equipped, Clive can use ground-shaking abilities such as Upheaval and Windup. In the trailer, we can also see Clive using Titan’s unique ability Titanic Block, which seems to be a high-powered defensive ability.

  • Odin

FF16 gameplay mechanics
Odin, courtesy of Square Enix

Equipping Odin Eikon in FF 16 will grant Clive big damaging skills, Gungnir and Heaven’s Cloud. Odin Eikon’s unique ability is called Arm of Darkness. It seems to be a staggering skill that will be useful in delaying enemy attacks.

Titanic Clashes

One of the new exciting mechanics is the Titanic Clashes. In this gameplay mechanic, FF16 will bring you into massive-scale clashes between Eikons, the most thrilling fights in the game. This mechanic includes face-to-face combats to fierce aerial flying combats.

Those are Square Enix’s FF16 new gameplay mechanics that will be available to enjoy soon! Which one are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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