Star Wars Ahsoka: Dave Filoni Sets Up Thrawn Film | Finale Explained

Star Wars Ahsoka: Dave Filoni Sets Up Thrawn Film | Finale Explained

The Star Wars Universe continues to expand with new stories, and the latest Disney+ series may have hinted at even bigger things in the future. Ahsoka concluded with a season finale filled with action, mystery, and, as most Star Wars stories should, hope. But that hope seemingly leads to a dangerous future as Episode 8 laid the foundation for Dave Filoni’s upcoming film that could focus on Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Ahsoka Episode 8 Sends Thrawn to Dathomir

In Ahsoka Episode 8, the three Jedi worked together in an effort to prevent Thrawn and the Great Mothers from leaving Peridea. Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, and Ezra Bridger have no idea what the Imperial officer is planning, but nobody wants to take the risk anyway. Thrawn must be stopped by any means possible since he has the ability to bring the Galactic Empire back to power.

But what was Thrawn’s grand plan in the first place? The episode concluded with his ship, the Chimaera, headed for Dathomir, the home planet of the Great Mothers with whom he had made an allegiance with on Peridea.

  • Fans can only hope he’s giving them a ride back home, but people know better.
  • The villains are all headed to Dathomir for the next step in Thrawn’s plan to bring back the Empire.

The grand scheme isn’t a huge surprise at the end of Ahsoka. The series had carefully laid down the clues with each episode since Thrawn’s return in Far Far Away, from the mysterious cargo being loaded into his Star Destroyer to the Great Mothers’ eagerness to leave the galaxy.

  • It is strongly implied that Thrawn is transporting the corpses of his Stormtroopers along with the Great Mothers so they can all connect with the magick within Dathomir.
  • As proven by the undead Night Troopers who repeatedly attacked Ahsoka’s team on Peridea, the villain intends to resurrect his troops to create a massive army that is virtually unkillable as he takes on the New Republic.

For long-time Star Wars fans, this is no longer a massive surprise since Thrawn’s intent to resurrect the Empire has been depicted in literature.

  • In the first book of Tim Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, the master tactician used cloning technology on the legendary Mount Tantiss to create an army against the New Republic.
  • Ahsoka simply changed his plan into something that fits with the Star Wars Rebels storyline by making use of his dead soldiers and reviving them using the Nightsisters’ magick.

So, is this what fans can expect in Ahsoka Season 2? There is a huge possibility that Thrawn’s plan will be explored in the second season of the Disney+ series, which could focus more intensely on how Ahsoka and Sabine will escape Peridea. However, there is a greater likelihood that the Season 1 finale confirmed what Dave Filoni’s upcoming Star Wars movie will be about.

Is Dave Filoni Working on the Live-Action Adaptation of Heir to the Empire?

Dave Filoni has been a major player in the Star Wars narrative for several years now, starting with the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which introduced Ahsoka Tano as Anakin Skywalker’s Apprentice. Through the years, fans have watched Filoni create a complex storyline that bridged the prequel trilogy with the original Star Wars films.

After all that hard work, it might be time for the Ahsoka executive producer to explore the untold stories that took place between the original movies and the sequel trilogy following Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron. This could finally happen in the unnamed Star Wars movie Filoni will direct in the future.

Filoni’s plans for his Star Wars film have not yet been officially announced, but it is believed that Ahsoka has left all the clues fans need to make a guess. There are speculations that Filoni is planning to bring the Heir to the Empire storyline to live-action with Lars Mikkelsen’s Thrawn as the next iconic Star Wars villain after Darth Vader.

These are all exciting possibilities, and fans are already looking forward to an official announcement about Filoni’s Star Wars movie. As of writing, Lucasfilm and Disney have not revealed any details about the new project and Ahsoka has not yet been renewed for Season 2. Nevertheless, people can enjoy rewatching the first eight episodes of the show, which are now streaming on Disney+.

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