Star Wars Squadrons VR HOTAS Joystick Flight Controls
Courtesy of Virtual Reality Oasis

Star Wars: Squadrons is the next space combat game that’s attracting a lot of gamers right now. To get an extra edge on the game, you need to understand and get used to the controls of the game very early on. Here’s everything you need to know about the game’s flight stick, joystick, VR, and Hotas Controls.

Star Wars: Squadrons Hotas and Joystick Controls

Star Wars: Squadrons features full HOTAS functionality. Check the controls –

  • Joystick Y-Axis: Pitch Control
  • Joystick X-Axis: Yaw control
  • Joystick Z-Axis rotation: Roll
  • JOY 1: Fire Primary Weapon
  • JOY 3: Fire Auxiliary Weapon 1
  • JOY 4: Fire Auxiliary Weapon 2
  • JOY 6: Countermeasure
  • Throttle Input: Throttle Control
  • JOY 9: Activate and Deactivate Boost / Drift (hold while boosting)
  • JOY 5: Cycle Targets / Target Highest Threat (double-tap)
  • JOY 2: Select Target Ahead
  • JOY 10: Targeting Menu
  • JOY 8: Ping / Acknowledge Ping (double-tap) / Comm Menu (hold)
  • JOY 1: Contextual Interaction
  • POV West: Increase Engines Power (hold for max power)
  • POV North: Increase Weapons Power (hold for max power)
  • POV East: Increase Shields Power (hold for max power)
  • POV South: Balance Power
  • JOY 11: Menu
  • JOY 7: Radial Menu for Shield Focus / Emergency Power Converter

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